Day drinking is the best way to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather that is coming our way.  Seeing as sangria season is quickly approaching, it is only necessary that we post a list of 10 events that give you an excuse to get a little tipsy before happy hour.  Be sure to hit up these events this summer and get your drank on!

1.Toronto's Festival of Beer - Spring Session // May 21st & 22nd

This is an awesome outdoor event that features tons of beers from all over Ontario.  As an added bonus they also have lots of different food options for pairing with your perfect lager.  This event takes place over May 2-4 weekend, and comes back later in the summer for round two!   Make sure to get your tickets ASAP!

2.Festival of Sake // Friday June 3rd

The Six has been blessed with being home to the largest sake festival in Canada!  There is no better way to spend your Friday sampling every type of sake you can imagine.  Don't forget to wash it down with some late night sushi!

Photo cred - @bestivaltoronto

3.Bestival // June 11th & 12th

Awesome music and a cold beer, is there really a better combo?  Bestival has a crazy line up for 2016 as well as lots of cool venders.  Perfect for hearing new music and trying new drinks!

4.Wine and Spirit Festival // June 16th, 17th & 18th

This is the ultimate paradise for wine loves.  A completely outdoor event with live music, amazing food, wine and spirits.  If you're someone who loves taking shots, or sipping a glass of wine on the beach, this is totally the event for you.

5.Ladie's Brew Day at Steam Whistle // Friday June 17th

YAS LADIES, we have our own private day at Steam Whistle! This is the perfect event for a summer girls night (or all day).  The event takes place right in the downtown core close to lots of other tourist attractions, perfect for your girls visiting from out of town!

6.Toronto's Festival of Beer // July 22nd, 23rd & 24th

Round two of Toronto's Beer fest is just as good as the first!  If you can't make it to this event in May, don't sweat it!  Beer fest returns for another three days in July! Toronto's Festival of Beer takes patio pitchers to a whole new level.  Tons of fresh air, and more opportunities to try something new!

7.Cider Fest // Saturday August 27th

Cider is bringing the cottage vibes into Young and Dundas! This event offers a variety of ciders, food trucks, live music, contests, giveaways and a photo booth to capture all your memories!  This event runs from the afternoon into the night, making it a perfect pre-game option!

Photo cred - @sandrawecks

8.Muzik Pool Bar

This is the perfect bar for those super hot summer days that we are bound to have in Toronto.  Instead of sitting on a sweaty patio, opt for something a little more refreshing at Muzik.  Sit poolside and get your tan on while sipping your favourite mix drinks.  This is an awesome birthday destination for those summer babies out there!

9.Cabana Pool Bar 

This is my dream hungover Sunday.  Besides, what fixes a hangover better than another drink?

Cabana has celeb appearances on weekends all summer long, which definitely makes it a repeat destination.  Be sure to check out their website for more info on which guests are coming and when!

10.Jays Games

Jays games are always a staple on a summer bucket list! Why not make it more fun by having a few beer before...and maybe a few beers during! Although the drinks are a bit over priced, nothing pairs better with baseball than an ice cold beer.  This is also an awesome Father's day activity, so treat your dad and get your tickets ASAP!

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