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If you're reading this it's time to get your friends down on a slow weekend night and play "take a shot every time Drake mentions a reference to the 6ix" in his music. Make sure you stock up because the floor is sometimes open for interpretation. Here are some examples to get you started:

1. "Mobbin' on the low, fuckin' on the low, smokin' on the low" 

-Furthest Thing

If this isn't a reference to Rob Ford's drug addictions then I don't know what is.

2. "Working all night, traffic on the way home"

- Started From the Bottom

I guess he didn't bother listening to 680 news on his daily commutes...

3.  "This ain't the son you raised who used to take the Acura

5 a.m. then go and shoot Degrassi up on Morningside"

- Worst Behaviour

This isn't very hidden when he starts name dropping Toronto hoods.

4. "Yeah, back and forth across the border line

Hate to leave the city, but I've got to do the overtime"

- Worst Behaviour

If you thought commuting from the GTA to Downtown was rough, Drake has to do it internationally.

 5. "I take Eglinton to 401 east

And exit at Markham road in the east end

Where all the pretty girls are sleeping"

- Connect

Shout out to all the East-side GTA girls

 6. "Get what I can out the country,

And then I just get on the jet and go back to the cold"

- The Language

Toronto isn't the coldest city but it fits the stereotype indefinitely.

 7. "Don't ever take advice," that was great advice

You and the six raised me right, that shit saved my life"

- You & the 6

The winter really toughens us up eh, I feel you man.

 8. "Worst behaviour"

- Worst Behaviour

Because Canadians have the extra "U" in our spellings.

 9. "Just hold on we're goin' home"

- Hold On, We're Going Home

How cute, he's home sick....

10. "Broken telephone for every single conversation,

By the time it gets to you, shit switches these days"

- Own it

Lets be honest, Toronto telecommunication services aren't the best and Drake is just telling it how it is. Torontonians change their cellphone companies faster than their favourite Timmys locations. Or maybe he's just talking about that game we played in elementary school.

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