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Every Torontonian is a little bit addicted to their phone. There's all those fun and useful apps that allow us to share our lives with our friends, and help us figure out where we're going (I literally don't know where I'd be without the Transit Now Toronto app).

But over the years, we've become a little too dependent on them. Who among us doesn't feel kind of naked when they don't know where their phone is? Ironically enough, TELUS is urging Canadians to get into #HolidayMode with their new campaign, which is all about trading phone time for quality face-to-face time with the people we love as we enter the holiday season. See if you can recognize yourself among these types of notorious Torontonian phone fanatics, while taking in some tips on how to get these device addicts to put down the phone and embrace human connections.

The Instagram Foodie

This phone addict has been flooding your Instagram feed with pictures of their three squares for as long as they've had a smartphone. Sometimes it's from their brunch at Lady Marmalade, sometimes it's their own home cooking. You often wonder if they do this because there's nothing of significance that happens in their day, and they just desperately want someone, anyone to notice them.

If this phone addict would like some recognition for their culinary taste, they should host a holiday dinner for their family and friends this year. There will be more than enough adoring eyes to appreciate the feast!

The TTC Texter

Head always down when on the streetcar or bus, you can only imagine just how popular this phone addict is as they seem to be texting the entire population of Toronto. In all likelihood, they're probably just button mashing so they don't have to make awkward eye contact with anyone else sharing the ride with them. Carpal tunnel aside, they'll probably get back and neck problems from constantly looking down at their phone.

This year, this phone addict should start filling out Christmas cards on their commute. Not only does it keep them from getting into any awkward staring contests, it's also productive, and extremely thoughtful!

The Constant Tinder-er

It's impossible to hold this one's attention for too long, as they're always swiping left and right on their phone, hoping to find the perfect match. They claim that they can't meet anyone worth meeting at Toronto bars. It's perfectly understandable that a person would get lonely during the holiday season, but that's no excuse for being rude to your friends.

This phone addict should try to focus on the love they do have in their life, instead of what they don't. They should use the Christmas break as an excuse to spend more time with the friends and loved ones they've been ignoring in favour of their dating app.

The Twitter Fiend

This is a phone addict who needs to always be up on the new happenings in the city. They were there at the opening of Toronto's first Muji store, even though they'd never heard of it before. They follow every culture blog in the city in the hopes of being the first to know about everything that goes on.

Instead of worrying incessantly about new events in the city, this phone addict should hit up the Toronto Christmas Market. It happens every year, and is always guaranteed to be a good time. This year it runs until December 21st.

TELUS Tip: temporarily turn the push notifications for these, and other apps, off.

The Make-Up Checker

This phone fiend is constantly using their phone's camera to see how they're looking. On the TTC, on benches in the Eaton Centre, even at bars. It's strange that this person is more entertained by their own image than the world around them, and it's probably not good for them to be constantly scrutinizing the way they look.

Embarrassing instances of spinach-in-the-teeth aside, this phone addict probably looks fine most of the time. They should put away their camera and talk to the people around them. As a compromise, they can occasionally go to the bathroom and look in the mirror to see if they look okay. This will slowly get them out of the habit of obsessing over their looks.

The Financial District Emailer

It's non-stop for this phone addict. They are constantly checking their work email, even when they're not at work. They excuse themselves from coffee meetups and parties to make important phone calls, and they only ever seem to be half paying attention when you talk to them. They're obviously way too important to ever give you 100% of their time.

This phone addict is over-stressed, and seriously needs to relax before they burst a vessel. They should use this holiday season as an excuse to put away their email app and relax by the fire. After a long year of heavy work-socializing, it'll be nice to sit in a quiet corner and watch the snow fall.

TELUS Tip: help them out by creating a "Phone Vallet Box" that plays host to your guests' phones during your get-together.

The Candy Crusher

You'll see this person on the TTC, at work, or walking down the street. Head down, and completely gripped by their screen, this phone addict has been sucked into a world from which there is no escape. They desperately need to beat their personal high score, so that they can... eventually beat that high score. It's a never-ending cycle, and while it may seem fun at first, it's probably not great for your eyesight.

In order to protect their eyes a little, this game app addict should use their spare time to make lists of people to get holiday presents for. It'll help keep you organized, and give you something better to look at than a screen all day long.

The Amateur Filmmaker

There is no event that this person witnesses that they don't feel the need to make a Vine or Instagram video of. Someone slips outside of Dundas Square? They've posted a Vine of it on Facebook. A friend purchases a particularly funky knick-knack at Honest Ed's? It's dancing around on Instagram for the world to see.  Every moment of their life is documented, and much like the Instagram foodie, one must wonder if this isn't a desperate cry for attention.

This holiday season, instead of documenting their life, the amateur filmmaker should participate in it. They should put away their phone and have a conversation with their friends and loved ones instead. The best recordings are in one's own memory.

TELUS Tip: we get it; sometimes you want to capture moments on your phone. Turning your phone to Airplane Mode will allow you   to record away without the risk of distraction.

The In-The-Next-Room Texter

You know that this phone addict is simply in the back room at the Cameron House, while you're in the front room, but they insist on giving you a play-by-play of what's happening on their side via text. Probably because they just don't want to look like they're by themselves.

This phone addict would do well to simply turn off their phone and have a conversation with the person sitting next to them. Torontonians are supremely friendly, and most of them are excited to meet new people. Who knows, it could be the friendship of a lifetime!

The Incessant Time-Checker

They just checked what time it was two minutes ago, and now they're doing it again. They always seem genuinely surprised that more time hasn't passed, even though they never allow it to. This person is constantly stressed about making it to the next event.

Instead of constantly stressing about the future, this phone addict should stop and enjoy the moment they're actually in. As new-agey as that sounds, it's just not healthy to stress yourself out constantly about things that haven't already happened. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Why not enjoy it by partaking in one of Toronto's many calming holiday festivities? The 4x4 Art Show is happening all day, every day until December 21st, so there's no chance to miss it.

How will you be spending the holidays, if it's not with your phone? Share with the world using #HolidayMode

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