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It's hard not to get stuck in your routine. Year after year, going to the same bar, seeing the same people, waking up with the same hangover. This whole birthday thing can get pretty tedious, huh? Well, lucky for you, we've decided to give you some ideas for ways to spice up the anniversary of your birth this year. Go out and have some fun.

Go To The Islands For A Drunk Picnic

On the city's website, you can book a space on one of the city's islands for groups of any size. Set up a barbecue or a bonfire if you so desire,  or just get good old fashioned shwastey (no picnic is complete without wine), all while enjoying the gorgeous view of Lake Ontario.

Throw A Huge House Party

Always a quick fix if you're feeling stuck for ideas. Host it at your place or get a friend with a bigger space to do it as a birthday present. As long as the booze keeps flowing and the music stays fresh, there's no reason you and everyone you know won't have a great time. Hell, even is no one shows up, at least you'll be drunk.

Get Jiggy With It At Hip Hop Night

This city's got a ton of great dance venues, and whatever type of music you'd like to get down to, Toronto will oblige. Check out Hip Hop night at Sneeky Dee's, or '60s night at Clinton's Tavern, which is just a sample of the eclectic mix of tunes Toronto has to offer.

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Get Wasted In Muskoka

Toronto's proximity to a huge expanse of nature to the north is an advantage that many residents take advantage of all year long. Those of you who don't own cottage space up there, don't fret! It's pretty easy to rent out a space for a weekend, or longer if you like (although how cheap it is really depends on place). This is ideal for summer birthdays, though fall gives you plenty of trees to gawk at. And either way, no matter the season, a cabin for unrestrained drinking with your friends in the wilderness is fun in and of itself.

Munch Out On Ethiopian At Nazareth

Food is pretty high on the list of Toronto's Greatest Hits. This year, if you've never tried it, you should check out Nazareth on Bloor and Dovercourt. Ethiopian is particularly great if you're into spicy food, but there's plenty of options that won't burn your tongue.

Sing Like A Fool At A Karaoke Spot on Bloor

Always guaranteed fun, karaoke is perfect if you're looking for a good old fashioned sloppy drunk evening. Make sure to pick an annoyingly catchy '90s hit that'll be stuck in everyone's heads for all of the next day.

Go Ice Skating At Nathan Phillips Square Or Campbell Park

Winter's coming. Those of us with winter birthdays have it harder than people born in the more mild seasons. It's hard to feel festive when you're terrified of going outside. Making winter a major theme in your celebration helps counteract that. If you wanna skate with a decently sized group of people and want some privacy, check out Campbell Park, which is often pretty quiet in the midday.

Get A Group To Supermarket And Take Shots on Shots

Just off of College on Augusta, Supermarket is a spacious bar/restaurant, well equipped for hosting large groups of people. The food's great if you wanna eat, but they also have a fantastic alcohol selection. Invite a bunch of cool people and drink until someone makes an embarrassing speech.

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Catch a drag show at Crews and Tangos

If you and your friends are in the mood for a show, head over to this iconic stop just off Wellesely and Jarvis. The performances are always brilliant, and the alcohol is always flowing. Try not to have a good time.

Catch A Flick at Docks Drive In

There's something romantic about watching a movie in a car, outdoors, with a bunch of strangers on either side of you. The Docks only has show listings in the summer, so you warm weather babies win out again. A fantastic birthday gift to the '50s high school movie fan in your life.

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