Obviously, its possible to have a great time doing things sans-alcohol. But a lot of the time, things like eating out or attending a Jay's game can be *enhanced* with a bev or two. This list, however, will only include activities that are MORE fun when you're sober.

So if you're looking to have a fun weekend that you CAN remember, and WON'T regret, this list will definitely be worth checking out.

1. Bounce it out at Skyzone.

Trampolining gets your endorphins going so that you'll be happy and hyper enough to bounce off the walls. Which works out, because the walls are also trampolines.

2. Uncover your inner Katniss with Archery Tag.

For maximal agility, stick to water.

3. Let it all go in a Rage Room.

Do you ever fantasize about divulging your anger by whipping a plate at a wall? For just 20 dollars, you can smash your chosen selection of china and other breakable delicates in the same way they do on TV when a character is miffed.

Photo cred - viagens & lugares

4. Bike around the Toronto Islands.

An enjoyable and scenic activity for any crew, whether it be family, friends, or lovers.

5. Skydive - sans-sky - at iFLY Toronto.

This skydiving simulator is on the pricier side, but well worth it if you're a chicken with FOMO.

6. Be a hamster for the day with Zorb.

Bounce around and roll down hills in the most thrilling form of safety.

7. Laugh 'til you cry at a Comedy Show.

Have the time of your life listening to Toronto's most brilliant comedians tell it like it is at Yuk Yuk's or Second City.

8. Reveal your inner artist with Paint Nite.

If you want to bring home a masterpiece that you can hang up and then later proudly point to, you're gonna want to make sure you're not plastered when you're painting.

Photo cred - Delta

9. Learn by having fun at the Science Centre.

Learning never ends, it just gets better and more fun.

10. Demonstrate your quick wits in an Escape Room.

You'll want to be as sharp as possible in order to feel like you're getting something out of these.

11. Get wild at an Axe Throwing venue.

Please, please, please for the love of God, don't drink and throw around axes. You know how they say that you shouldn't drive drunk because a car is a weapon? Well in an even more literal and direct sense, an axe is a freaking weapon.

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