Sometimes it's fun to live dangerously, and Toronto seems to make that pretty easy.  Our city has numerous entertaining bylaws and regulations in which some of us have broken without even knowing! And maybe a few of them could potentially make a fun date idea.

For those of you who are looking to change things up from the typical movie and dinner date, maybe it's time to live on the edge. We have compiled a list of 11 date ideas that are illegal in Toronto, and we are just going to leave them here.

So, here are 11 dates that might get you into a bit of trouble in Toronto. 

1. Have a boozy picnic at High Park.

Public intoxication is illegal in Toronto. 

2. Take a road trip and visit an abandoned Ontario building.

Visiting some of these establishments could result in a breaking and entering charge. 

3. Go skinny dipping at one of Toronto's pools.

Depending on the hour you choose to skinny dip, there is a good chance you could get charged with both public indecency, and breaking and entering.

4. Attempt to sneak into one of Toronto's members only clubs.

Good luck, this will be a lot harder than you think. 

5. Sneak into Ontario place for a cool urban photo shoot

As cool as this spot may be, you're looking at a breaking and entering charge if you get caught!

6. Fly a kite in a Toronto Park

Yep that's right, in August of 2010 Toronto banned kite flying in city parks.  The reason being that the string often used to fly kites kept getting caught in trees, left on the ground for animals to choke on, or getting caught in power lines.

7. Play a game of ball hockey on a Toronto Street

Sadly you aren't allowed to play sports or games of any kind on Toronto roadways.

8. Go rollerblading on TTC property

This is another weird TTC law to add to the list, you'll either have to leave the skates at home or live recklessly for this date option.

9. Light your own fireworks in the park

You need to have a permit before lighting off your own fireworks in any Toronto Parks, and in order to get one you'll need to fill out an application.

10. Throw a picnic for yourself, your loved one, and 23 other friends in a public park

Charter 608 states that "Unless authorized by permit, hold a picnic, organized gathering or special event for more than 25 persons".  So you may have to kick one guest out of your function if you're looking to do this legally.

11. Hang your own Christmas lights around the city

Even if you and your S/O are just looking to make Toronto a little cuter, you'll need written approval of the General Manager of the location in order to do so without getting charged.

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