King West has a reputation for being one of Toronto's most expensive and youthful neighbourhoods. With a wide selection of bars, clubs and restaurants, you're guaranteed to have a good night on this strip. You're also guaranteed to be broke the next morning. 

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Whether you're exploring the downtown area during the day or partying at night, there are a variety of characters you'll see on the King West. Here are 11 of them, in all their whimsical glory:

  1. The ‘Wannabe’ Kardashian Gang

How many times have you walked down King Street and out of the corner of your eye you see a  group of 3-5 women and you have to do a double-take for a second because you think they’re the Kardashians? These girl gangs like to dress to the nines, get brunch and take photos of their eggs benedict and fresh manicures.

  1. The Classy Yogi

You’ll see yogis anywhere in Toronto, but especially on King West. Torontonians love yoga and its culture. King West showcases a particular breed of yogi - the classy yogi. They wear high end workout gear, have matching yoga mats with their outfits, and even after they leave class, they look perfect and ready to go out for brunch with their other classy yoga friends who can afford it. Now that’s classy.

  1. The Toronto First-Timer

Not to be confused with the Toronto third-timer, The first-timers are more common on King West because that’s where all the cool young people are. These first-timers will hit all the classics starting their night at The Underground, move more west towards Bar Hop or Citizen, with a possible layover at Lost and Found. They might even continue more west towards Liberty Village for last call at Local or The Craft, only to end up at the McDonald’s at King and Dufferin, lost and afraid.

  1. The Immortal Clubbers

Clubbing is an activity that happens in all Toronto neighbourhoods. There’s something about the clubbers on King West that have impressive courage and perseverance that keeps them going all night. There have been times where I’ve been out and I’ll run into a group of 7 or more drunk 21 year olds outside of The Underground, only to see them again at 2:00 am trying to hail a cab outside of Belfast Love. Like how are you still alive?

  1. The Instagram Photographer

King West has many Instagram worthy spots, including the yellow Weslodge doors or the LED light up ‘6 On A Wave’ sign at Frings. King West has a ton of artsy ladies and gents with expensive cameras whose apparent life goal is to capture the beauty of Toronto. These photographers shoot at King West because of the busy atmosphere and fun subject matter. So if you’re ever having a night out and you see someone with an expensive camera looking at the CN tower in a peculiar way, ask them to take a photo of you. They’re legit.

  1. The Dog Walker

Everyone on King West has a dog or 3. Let’s be real, if you’re living on King West and you can pay $1,700 for a 1 bedroom apartment, you’ve got disposable income to spend on a dog (or dogs, in most cases).

  1. The Boss-Mom

You know her: the woman in a perfectly pressed suit and killer shoes with a perfect blowout, who also happens to be pushing a stroller with her baby who is behaving perfectly. You know this woman works a killer job and is raising her kid to also be a boss. While she's not being a boss mom she’s still going to yoga and having brunch with her friends. (Everything on King West makes a full circle, refer to number 1 and 2).

  1. The Blue Jays Family

Between Blue Jays Way and John Street is a unique part of King West most Torontonians refer to as the tourist trap. This is where sports fans and tourists hang out and eat. In this area you’ll see families of all shapes and sizes who are getting tricked with tourist tax and overpriced food. Yelp is your friend people! Use it!

  1. The Intern

On the streets of King West after the work day is done, that is, 5:00 pm and onward, you’ll see groups of young interns in oversized suits and heels they can’t walk in, with faces of desperation and realization that the real world is hard and 9 to 5 is no joke. If you see one of these people on King West, give them a smile. They don’t know yet that working can only go down from here.

  1. The University Graduate

A sequel to ‘The Intern’, the university graduate was once the intern, but after their final year in university they realize that working is better than writing essays and filling in scantrons. Not only are they more hopeful but their suits fit a little bit better than the interns. If you see one of these people on King West, give them a high five. They’re kind of in the real world but they don’t know how to do their own taxes yet. The worst hasn’t hit them, let them smile.

  1. The Busy Bee

The amount of people you’ll see on King West running towards the 504 streetcar or just running on the street is crazy. These King West specimen can be seen using their briefcases as shields against tourists or wearing full professional suits or dresses with running shoes to ease their sidewalk commute. They won’t hurt you, just don’t get in their way.

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