Student rejoice! Fall exam season is FINALLY over. While for some it passed in what feels like the blink of an eye, many were struggling with the studying grind for weeks depending what exam schedule you got. Whether you are a student at UofT, Ryerson, or go to a school around Ontario and are home for Christmas, post-exam season is the perfect excuse to celebrate!

So grab your friends and get ready for a great night out, whether you are looking for the perfect resto for a low key night or the perfect location for a wild night out, look no further! 

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Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St W 

After weeks of spending your weekends holed up in your room or the library hitting the books, what better way to celebrate than to party?! If there is anywhere you should be going to dance the night away to all your favourite hits, it's definitely Dance Cave. Not only do they take requests and have a relaxed but fun crowd, but you can pull up in sneakers!

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Destiny Asian Fusion // 165 York Blvd 

If you are looking for something new to try out, look no further than Destiny Asian Fusion. The spot features tons of Asian cuisine from stir fry to sizzling rice and hot pots. Though their new "ferris wheel" feature is definitely the star of their menu! 

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La Palma // 849 Dundas St W 

If you have been craving some carbs, fulfill those cravings the right way at Palma! From pizza and pasta to classic meat dishes, they've got every kind of comfort food you could ever hope for, all found in an adorably designed space. Plus, they've got 100 layer lasagna, who wouldn't want to try that after a rough exam season!? 

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Village Pizza // 761 Dundas St W 

If you are absolutely beat from exams and can't find the energy to pull yourself out of bed, don't worry! Village Pizza not only serves up some incredible fresh pizza, but they also deliver right to your door! So you can celebrate the end of finals with a great meal without having to leave the comfort of your home and Netflix setup! 

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King Taps // 100 King St W 

King Taps has become a hot spot in the city considering they boast a great drinks menu and all your staple bar eats. Not only can you count on fresh food and great drinks, but the ambiance inside is always lively and welcoming. Plus, they've got their patio open year round, so if you are still refusing to let patio season go, visit this spot!  

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Hello123 // 1122 Queen St W 

If you are a vegan/vegetarian or have just been surviving off of fast food throughout finals and want to grab a meal that isn't going to leave you feeling guilty, check out Hello123! This new hot spot has become extremely popular considering how incredible their food is regardless of the lack of meat on the menu. 

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Copetin // 107 King St E 

If you want more of a bouj' experience, Copetin is definitely the place to go. The interior of the spot is gorgeous, especially the bar- but the praises for this spot don't stop at the interior. They've got a great eclectic menu ranging from all sorts of dishes like beef tartar and beet tostadas. Regardless of what you order, be prepared to re-visit considering it'll take you a few visits to try out everything you are going to want to try on the menu! 

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Terroni // 720 Queen St W 

Who doesn't want some good ol' Italian comfort food after a rough couple weeks of studying and stress? While Terroni cooks up some of the best pasta in the city, you have tons of options other than the classic dish if you are in the mood for something else! 

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General Assembly // 331 Adelaide St W 

Toronto's newest pizza joint has already made a big splash, and just from looking at the photos you're probably aren't surprised. Not only do they serve up some incredible fresh pizza, but they serve it up in personal pizza sizes- perfect for anyone who's looking for the perfect post-exam cheat meal! Plus the interior is bright and adorable, which is a great change from dull dorm rooms and libraries!

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Potman Hotpot // 633 Silver Star Blvd

Put that packet of ramen down and treat yourself at Potman Hotpot, trust me, you will thank me later. This is a great spot for anybody who loves hotpots, or just wants anything that's going to warm them up from the freezing weather. They've got a great range of plates for you to choose from when it comes to ingredients for your personal hot pot, and the interior isn't overcrowded so you've got tons of room to sit back and relax with your friends!

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Bangarang // 552 College St 

If you are looking to enjoy a night out with some drinks but want a more relaxed vibe than what you'd find at a club, Track & Field's newest venture- Bangarang, is the place to go. The new-ish sister location has tons of billiard games for you to play in between pints! 

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Goose Island Toronto // 70 The Esplanade 

One of the main focal points of Goose Island is definitely the space. Considering they host one of the first "open concept breweries" here in the city! The space carries a heavy Distillery District vibe to it and is basically every craft beer lovers wet dream. From their in-house Reubens to their sharing boards that host the perfect items to pair with your pint (think fresh pretzels with homemade mustard, pickles and sliced meat), the menu is just as impressive as the space!

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