Chivalry doesn't have to be dead in the 21st century. Romantic movies of the past decade give us the hope that dates can still be romantic; as long as the effort is there and the connection is real to begin with.

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If you and your date are total movie buffs, then you'll definitely appreciate the date ideas on this list, which were all inspired by famous movie scenes:

Toronto Adventures // 105 Riverwood Pkwy

The Notebook

I was going to suggest to the guys that they should pull a Noah and hang off of a ferris wheel at the CNE to win their crushes over, but that might be a little overboard. A canoe ride would probably be a better date option - Toronto Adventures offers canoe rentals at $40 for the first hour, and $25 for every additional hour. You and your date can enjoy paddling down the calm waters of the scenic Humber river, or you can choose to get canoes delivered to you in other locations around the GTA if you have a different river in mind. Sure, the Humber river may not be as breathtaking as the lake in The Notebook, but it is still great way to spark up a Noah/Allie type of romance.

Dancing on the Pier // 235 Queens Quay W

A Walk To Remember

Landon had some great date ideas in A Walk To Remember - he got Jamie to straddle the state border so she could be in two places at once, fulfilled her wish to get a tattoo by applying a temporary one on her shoulder, and even took her to the cemetery to watch the stars as the cuddled with blankets and hot chocolate. But perhaps the most romantic scene was when he took her dancing on the pier. You could do the same with your date at the Harbourfront - there will be free Dancing on the Pier events throughout the summer where you and your date could dance the night away under the moonlight. If dancing isn't your thing, you could always just go for a romantic dinner on the docks like they did, at Against The Grain at 25 Docks Dr.

Sunday Antique Market // Jarvis St

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

One of the most memorable scenes in Breakfast At Tiffany's was when Holly and Fred stopped by a corner store near their apartment building. They had so much fun that they even ended up stealing a pair of party masks. Shoplifting aside, you can take your partner to an antique store for a similar kind of date - Sunday Antique Market on Jarvis St has a lot of cool vintage pieces and trinkets to look through; so whether you're looking at buying something or just browsing, you and your date are sure to have an interesting time.

Combat Pursuit // 613 Kingston Rd

10 Things I Hate About You

In 10 Things I Hate About YouKat and Patrick break out of detention and paddle a boat out to a secluded island where they shoot paintballs at each other. Their day concludes with their first kiss, which occurs while they are both still covered in paint. You could relive this movie scene at Combat Pursuit, the closest outdoor paintball area to Toronto. This location provides possibly the closest type of environment for paintball as the island in the movie, since you'll be playing in a completely outdoor environment.

Ripley's Aquarium // 288 Bremner Blvd

50 First Dates

Adam Sandler plays a lothario veterinarian named Henry in the movie 50 First Dateswho spends the entire movie trying to win the heart of Drew Barrymore's Goldfield-syndrome-afflicted character, Lucy. One of his tactics involved taking her to the Sea Life Park where he works so she could meet Jocko, the walrus which he takes care of. While the closest sea life theme park is Marine World in the Niagara region, you could always opt for the next best thing in our city - Ripley's Aquarium. There are over 16,000 aquatic animals to see, as well as various themed parties and sleepovers for adults that you and your date could try.

Photo cred - Cineplex

Thompson Diner // 550 Wellington St


In PleasantvilleMary Sue goes on a her first date with Skip Martin. The date starts off at the local diner, where they both get to know each other over cheeseburgers and Cherry Cokes. As the night progresses, they go on a drive out to a popular lookout for teens in the area, where the proceed to... well, you know. Aside from the second part of their date, the diner is a great place to bring someone, especially for the first time. The Thompson Diner is particularly great because it's open 24 hours a day. Check out their mouth watering menu here.

Mariposa Cruises // 207 Queens Quay W


No list of romantic movies is complete without Titanic on it! One of the most iconic scenes in movie history was when Jack took Rose to the very front of the ship and held her by her waist so she could "fly". You could always take your date on a cruise as well - Mariposa Cruises is a company based in the Toronto harbour that offers dinner cruises that are made all the more romantic by the backing of the Toronto skyline. The three-hour cruise includes a buffet-style dinner, cash bar and DJ services. Just make sure to sneak out at some point to reenact that infamous Titanic scene!

IKEA // 1475 The Queensway

500 Days Of Summer

Before their relationship went downhillTom and Summer fulfilled an important relationship milestone - the oh-so-popular IKEA date. And honestly, the IKEA date never gets old. There's always something to do there, whether it's giggling at odd Swedish furniture names or eating hotdogs and meatballs. If you and your date are out of ideas and are looking for something fun to do, head over to an IKEA and play some house.

Rosetta McClains Gardens // 5 Glen Everest Rd

Notting Hill

In Notting HillWilliam doesn't try to over-impress movie star Anna. He skips on the fancy and takes her to a dinner party held by his friends instead. Later on they end up having a romantic night in a secret garden that they both sneak into. You could plan out a similar night for your date - have a nice, intimate dinner with your partner before heading out to the Rosetta McClains Gardens for a night time adventure. Although the gardens aren't necessarily a secret, they're off the beaten path enough to make them feel secret.

Mimico Waterfront Park // 29 Norris Crescent

A Cinderella Story

Once upon a time, in A Cinderella Story, Sam (or PrincetonGirl818) meets her knight in shining armour Austin (or Nomad609) for the first time at her school's masquerade ball. Near the end of the night, they make their way to a courtyard where they proceed to dance in a gazebo while a violinist plays nearby. Although there aren't many masquerade parties in Toronto this summer, you could always plan an evening date to Mimico Waterfront Park, which has a really nice gazebo along its walk. Bring some blankets and a basket of food for a romantic picnic outdoors by the lake under the stars.

501 Queen Streetcar // Queen St

40 Days and 40 Nights

In his attempt to avoid getting turned on, Matt takes his crush Erica on a ride on his favourite bus with no clear destination in mind (he's on a mission to stay abstinent). Although the ride isn't sexy, it's definitely romantic - it's just him, the girl he loves and several kilometres of road ahead. Relive this intimate date by taking the 501 Queen streetcar at non-rush-hour times. It's the longest streetcar line in North America, and there are several spots along the route that you could stop off at and explore.

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