Here is your shot at ten seconds of fame. We’ve all walked by a cameraman or two during our time in Toronto, but we probably took no notice. If we ended up on the six o’clock news we would have no idea. 

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If you called in sick to work today, you may want to avoid these spots, or you might get caught on TV.

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1. Jurassic Park 

The most obvious place to get spotted supporting your favourite Toronto sports teams. Just try and put on a brave face if we're down a few points. 

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2. Jays Game

This applies to both at home and away games. You can try and spot your friends in the sea of blue for half a millisecond if you look closely. How many times have you had a friend snapchat you a picture of their TV screen paused on a spec that you assume is your face? 

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3. Leafs Game

Similar to a Jays game except it becomes your life goal to get on the dance camera. And if you can't get on the dance camera, you have a pretty good chance of being featured in the official @mapleleafs collage on Instagram! 

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4. Union Station

CTV’s favourite haunt, as a commuter or a passerby you might get caught walking along just minding your own business while there’s a news broadcast. Your chance of being on TV doubles if you happen to walk over the grates during a subway explosion on your way home from work. 

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5. City Hall

This is the perfect place for maximum exposure. If you have a particular message you want to get across to a wide TV audience, grab your sign because this is the place.

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6. Eaton Centre

The epicentre of Toronto, if you shop here enough you’re guaranteed at least one shot at getting on TV, escpecially during the holiday season. 

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7. Dundas Square

The Times Square of TO, keep your eyes peeled at any special event held here for your chance to sneak in front of the camera and say hi to mom. It's also home to CityTV and Cityline. If you're part of the audience for Fashion Fridays you get some ah-mazing freebies, including makeup and gift cards.  

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8. Breakfast Television

Those windows are too conveniently large… it’s like they’re just asking for the people on the street to gather there and wave. 

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9. Much Music Headquarters 

Every high school student’s dream is to be the one selected from the crowd outside Much Music when their favourite artist came to town for an interview.

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10. CBC Building

If you really want to test the TV Gods, take a walk through the CBC Building Atrium and see if your chances increase of being spotted.

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11. Queen St. West 

As the bell media hub of Toronto, 299 Queen St. W is crawling with cameras. City TV is also known to frequent the Queen St. West area, so if you’re out shopping, make sure you’re wearing your best clothes in case you end up in the backdrop of a news broadcast.

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