Is there anything worse than a rainy day? I'm not talking about drizzing when you can go on cute rainy day walks with your significant other. Or when its spitting and you can listen to the rain in bed watching Netflix. I'm talking about the torrential down pour rainy days. 

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If it's borderline armageddon outside, and you have to cancel your day trip to Trinity Bellwoods or Nathan Phillips Square, check out this list of activities to do in Toronto when you can't go outside:

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1. Challenge your BFF at a board game cafe 

What sounds better than curling up with a tea (or cocktail) and challenging your friends to a jenga tournament? Snakes and Lattes on College and Bathurst has a huge selection of games to choose from!

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2. Go watch that movie you've been dying to see

I always want to go to the movies, but every time the weather is nice I just want to take advantage of the beautiful day. Rain is a perfect excuse to spend the day at the movies. Carlton Cinemas on Yonge and College has cheap admission and great variety! Check out these unique movie theatres in Toronto.

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3. Pretend you're at the beach at Beach Blast

Did the rain spoil your beach day? No worries! Head over to Beach Blast located at 15 Leswyn Rd, this indoor beach volleyball facility will make you feel like you're actually chilling on the beach.

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4. Kick back poolside at The Wave Pool

This indoor water facility at 5 Hopkins St in Richmond Hill has tons of super cool things to do including: an indoor wave pool, 100-ft waterslide, on deck sauna and more! 

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5. Cuddle up with the kitties at Tot Cat Cafe

Don't have a significant other to cuddle with on a rainy day? No worries, the cats at Tot Cat Cafe at 298 College St will be sure to keep you company.

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6. Practice your art skills at Paint Cabin

Paint cabin is an art studio cafe hybrid that will keep you occupied on a rainy day! Grab a coffee and stop by at night for open paint sessions.

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7. Grab your BFF and DIY your day away

There are tons of arts hubs in the city where you can practice your creative skills. There's not better time to pick up a new skill! Check out these cute DIY cafes in Toronto you can get creative at!

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8. Have a cute tea party

Name a more iconic duo than tea and rainy days. I'll wait. Get dressed up and indulge in high tea with your friends at these places in Toronto. 

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9. Educate yourself with an afternoon at The Factory Theatre

The Factory Theatre at 125 Bathurst st offers cheap $15 tickets (if available) from Tuesday through Saturday. They have tons of great shows and you will be sure to leave feeling inspired. Check out these other cheap theatres to satisfy your live theatre needs. 

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10. Curl up with a good book at Tequila Bookworm Cafe

This bar and restaurant has a unique members library where you can borrow and trade books. A perfect place to go when it's raining to grab a drink and read. Booze and books? What else could you ask for on a rainy day!

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11. Grab your squad and hang at Power Up Game Bar

Located at 38 Wellington St E, this game bar is the perfect place for you and your squad to escape the rain, drink booze and challenge each other in video games. Awesome games, drinks and your squad. Now THAT'S a rainy day well spent. 

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