Honestly Toronto, we can't really complain. This Summer has not been absolutely terrible as far as the heat goes. There have been more cooler days than scorching hot days to say the least. But don't be fooled... The hot weather is coming. Oh it's coming...

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With all the congestion and people walking around the streets, it can get pretty smoggy. Which is the last thing anyone needs this summer. If you're trying to stay cool and have fun, check out this list of ways to keep cool in the city.

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1. Go Swimming At Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool

What better way to cool down than to go swimming? This one is a no brainer. Grab some friends and have a pool day!

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2. Go VIP at Cineplex and catch a movie in style. 

There's really nowhere colder than the movies. I'm still not sure why it's freezing in there at all times, but it is. Cool off and enjoy some prime entertainment.

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3. Chill out at Woodbine Beach

Take advantage of the heat and grab a tan on the sand of Woodbine Beach. When it gets too hot, take a dip in the water. 

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4. Take cover on Local Eatery's shady patio.

It's sunny and warm, but most other patios come in contact with direct sunlight. Local's is covered, giving you some shade from the harmful UV rays. 

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5. Go out with your friends to Cabana Pool Bar.

It's summer so obviously you want to go out, but the thought of being in a crowd with other people in 32 degree weather is just not great. Cabana will solve your problems! This poolside bar comes in handy when the bar gets too steamy. 

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6. Cool down with a crazy ice cream treat.

Summer + ice cream = eternal happiness. The best way to cool down in the summer is ice cream obviously. Plus most of these places are usually air conditioned. Bonus. 

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7. Get wet and wild at Splash Works.

Canada's Wonderland has an extreme waterpark that will make sure you stay cool, and have fun!

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8. Take advantage of the air conditioned public places offered by the city. 

Shoutout to the city for keeping us all alive in this horrifying weather. 

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10. Hideout in the Eaton Centre shopping mall

You can always count on Eatons to save us all. Give yourself a little retail therapy and hide in the air conditioning. 

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11. Stay home.

Too scared to even face the heat? Just stay home. No air conditioning? Buy 100 fans and make a circle with them and sit in the centre. Life hacks!

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