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Remember a few years back when everyone was tweeting their useless thoughts that no one cared about? Well, it seems that Snapchat's the new thing, as it's surpassed Twitter in popularity. Whether people Snapchat you things like poop or nudes (let's never use those words in the same sentence again), each of your friends is unique in their own Snapchats.

1. The Pothead

Almost all of your Toronto friends smoke pot. Few of them feature bongs in half of their Snapchats or take cool videos of them blowing out smoke.

2. The Party-Goer

This friend constantly sends you Snapchats of them at house parties you're never invited to or you're too busy to go to. Darn you for having more fun than me.

3. The Cook

Toronto itself is just a city of foodies. This friend loves to cook delicious meals, and loves to make everyone hungry and jealous with their Snapchats. I hate you for doing this to me.

Photo cred – Kevin T

4. The Club Rat

This friend goes to the Guv and takes 500 second Snapchat stories. I really do enjoy your shaky view of the stage and the distorted audio.

5. The Narcissist

This friend loves their face a lot. But that's okay, because Toronto people are cute. Sometimes they like to take weird pictures.

6. The Hobbyist

The music loving hobbyist is always at concerts, recording videos on Snapchat. I'm jealous, but shouldn't you be enjoying the concert instead of enjoying your phone? This point applies to car enthusiasts at local car meet-ups as well.

7. The Fitness Connoisseur

Did you even go to the gym if you didn't take a selfie? The more hardcore fitness connoisseurs send you Snapchat videos of them lifting or doing gym things that I can't even name.

8. The Documenter

This friend is always out and about checking out the coolest and newest events and places from the Toronto Christmas Market to the new Muji store on Dundas. With all their Snapchats, you can just sit in the comfort of your bed and enjoy all the events they go to at the touch of a button.

Photo cred – Bryan Guilas

9. The Animal Lover

Torontonians are huge animal lovers, especially of dogs. Your animal loving friend constantly Snapchats their cute pets being cute or doing ridiculous things or doing nothing at all.

10. The Workaholic

This friend is always working and doing something productive. They often Snapchat you pictures of their laptop screen next to a cup of coffee with a caption related to what they're working on. Are you trying to make me feel like I'm doing nothing with my life?

Photo cred – Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography

11. The Artist

With schools like OCAD around and just creative people in general, Toronto has plenty of artists. Your artist friends update you on the progress of their latest pieces and it's pretty fuckin' cool.

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