Toronto is a city that's filled with clubs, bars and restaurants that give us endless options for going on on the weekends. While this can be a blessing, it can also be a curse. 

With endless possibilities comes endless nights out and before you know it you're throwing away all your hard earned money on going out. While that definitely isn't a bad way to spend your money, it's also a good idea to save that moolah as well. 

If you can't imagine ever giving up your partying lifestyle, finding bars and clubs in the city without a cover charge is the next best thing! Save that $5-$15 every weekend and buy more drinks instead!

12. The Addison's Residence 

Where: 456 Wellington St W // Entertainment District

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Why You Should Go: The Addison's Residence is a super unique spot in Toronto that has no cover and no guest list, ever! It's styled like a cool apartment where you can play games, listen to classic throwback songs and eat free pizza! What more could you ask for? 


11. Get Well 

Where: 1181 Dundas St W // Little Portugal 

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Why You Should Go: The Get Well Bar is definitely a beloved Toronto spot for drinking, fun and good eats. They have tons of arcade games to enjoy, amazing drink deals and a huge selection of beers and they're attached to a pizzeria so you can enjoy some late night eats IN the bar! 


10. Churchill 

Where: 1212 Dundas St W // Trinity Bellwoods 

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Why You Should Go: Churchill definitely isn't a super unique and special bar in Toronto, but if you're looking for a fun spot that plays great music with relatively cheap drinks this is the bar for you. They have a bao bun counter inside the bar for food and they're always offering amazing drink deals!


9. Hi-Lo 

Where: 753 Queen St E // Leslieville 

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Why You Should Go: Hi-Lo bar is a super fun spot that definitely won't hurt your wallet on your next night out. It's a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy awesome music and drinks. They also are always hosting fun events as well!


8. The Office Pub 

Where: 117 John St // Downtown Toronto

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Why You Should Go: With two locations now in Toronto, you know The Office Pub is going to give you a fun night. They always have weekly events like karaoke, comedy nights and live DJs plus food and drink specials every day of the week!


7. Mahjong Bar 

Where: 276 Dundas St W // Trinity Bellwoods 

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Why You Should Go: This is one of Toronto's newest and coolest hidden bars. Behind their convenient storefront you'll find the entrance to this secluded bar serving up amazing cocktails until 2am and delicious food until midnight! 


6. Dance Cave 

Where: 529 Bloor St W // The Annex 

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Why You Should Go: Dance Cave is only free cover if you have a valid student ID, but either way it's a pretty cheap spot to go. They play tons of throwback songs in a huge room that kind of looks like a dimly lit auditorium, in the best way. You're guaranteed a fun night of dancing here.


5. Woody's 

Where: 467 Church St // Church and Wellesley 

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Why You Should Go: Woody's is located in the heart of Toronto's Gay Village and is definitely one of the city's top gay bars. They're always hosting fun events like Drag Queen shows and more!


4. El Furniture Warehouse

Where: Multiple Locations 

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Why You Should Go: El Furniture Warehouse has quickly become a Toronto staple with multiple locations all over the city so far. This spot never has a cover charge and their food and drinks are insanely cheap. They play classic throwbacks in a chill environment that's easy to have a good time in.


3. Thompson Rooftop Lounge

Where: 550 Wellington St W // King West

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Why You Should Go: This Toronto hotel has a rooftop lounge that offers stunning 360 degree views of the city! Entrance to the lounge is completely free where you can enjoy amazing cocktails and admire the city.


2. The Hideout Bar 

Where: 423 College St // Harbord Village

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Why You Should Go: If you're into rock n' roll, this bar is definitely for you. They're always hosting events with live music and a crazy fun atmosphere. Cover is completely free and the drinks are cheap!


1. Fiction 

Where: 180 Pearl St // Old Toronto

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Why You Should Go: If you're looking for a crazy club night where you won't have to pay a crazy amount to get in, this is the spot. All you have to do is add you and your crew to guest list and there will be absolutely no cover charge!


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