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Halloween is probably the greatest holiday (that isn't really a holiday) because instead of family dinners and buying people presents, the only way to celebrate Halloween is to get crazy and party.

Toronto always has a great nightlife scene, but things go next level at the end of October. There are Halloween jams of every sort, for every person, and the wide selection can be a little daunting. Don't worry though, we have your back with 12 different Halloween events, with one sure to fit your niche.

Check 'em out and get ready for All Hallows' Eve.

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The Silver Snail Halloween Party

Though the tickets to get in and to drink can add up to a not-so-awesome total, this part is a classic. Come all ye faithful, and be rewarded with creative costumes, bumpin’ beats and nerds galore. And if you don’t want to pay for booze, just chug a bottle of red wine before you head in the doors.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Screening

Obviously this cult classic makes the list. Dress up, see the live shadow actors at the Bloor Cinema. If you go hard, bring stuff to throw and get ready to shout the lines along with the rest of the theatre.

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Ghost Ship

Picture this: It’s Halloween. You’re a boat. You are partying. Everyone is in costume. You feel amazing. You’re on a boat. You’re on a boat. You’re ON A BOAT.

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Maison Mercer Blackout

Maison is one of the nicer clubs in downtown Toronto, and their events always attract. Assuming the weather permits it, they also have a rooftop patio for cooling down after dancing in the club downstairs, and the people who hit it up are always dressed to the nines. If you like clubs, booths, booze, thumping hip hop beats and spending dough for a great night out, this is the Halloween event for you.

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 90s Halloween Bash

This little get-together has been going on for the last four years, making this year’s party the fifth annual. Music stylings offer a tribute to 90s hip hop, pop, R&B, and more. And really, who wouldn’t want to go to the 90s party themed after the greatest TV show of the 90s? They better play the theme song. I didn’t get the Carlton Banks bottle service package for nothing.

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Halloween on Church

This is less of an actual designated party and more of a communal get-together in the middle of the streets, which have been blocked off to accommodate the hordes of people rushing into the Village. A block party, if you will, complete with the most elaborate costumes and no space to move. It’s sort of a mini Pride, only colder.

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Toronto Zombie Walk

A Halloween celebration for children of the Black Parade. Smear your face with some pale makeup, throw some fake blood on your mom’s favourite shirt and you are dressed to impress at the annual Zombie Walk, celebration of the undead.

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Literally any frat party

U of T always throws a good one, and they get mad kegs. If you want to get drunk in the presence of a bunch of dude-bros, this is the scene for you. Cheap, close by, and usually quite popping, as much as I’m not a fan of frat parties in general, I’ll show up to this one.

SBTRTK at the Danforth

Set up as more like a concert, SBTRTK is running a two-day set from October 31 to November first. Surely you could wear your costume there, and word on the street suggests that this might end early enough for you to hit up something else.

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Halloween Pub Crawl

Only for the brave.

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Burroughes Haunted Mansion

A phenomenal patio with the best views of Toronto makes for a great setting for an amazing Halloween night. For the past five years, the Burroughes Mansion loft has been throwing one of the most kickass Halloween parties around-- not for the faint of heart. Supposedly a sort of a “hidden gem” in the city, it’s still going strong in its sixth year this year.

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Zombie Prom

Another zombie-themed event, but this one is more of an actual party. Zombie Prom is where the young at heart but dead inside go to unleash their greatest outfits. Halloween dress code heavily in effect-- obviously.

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