Moving away to a big city can be daunting and really overwhelming when you've never lived this way before. It's even harder when you know little to no people. The great thing though about Toronto, is that you can take yourself on solo adventures that you will no doubt enjoy.

With so much to do in Toronto, you'll be sure to find your stride of being alone & enjoy your own company. Who knows, you just might end up meeting someone at these places to be alone, together!

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery 

Where: 231 Queens Quay W. // Harbourfront

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Why should you go: Experiencing an art gallery solo is a pleasure that many miss out on. There's nothing like getting lost in art, and not have to worry about rushing out of there. While Toronto has thousands of art galleries for you to immerse yourself in, this one is intriguing due to its location being in an ACTUAL power plant.


Kingsway Theatre

Where: 3030 Bloor St W. // Etobicoke

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Why should you go: When you don't have to rely on someone to see a movie with you, it is a liberating feeling! You can watch what you want, and when you want...and not have to share any popcorn either. This theatre is a cozy location, so you will feel like you're in your living room just having a night in.


The Sunday Antique Market

Where: 125 Esplanade // St. Lawrence Market

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Why should you go: Sunday's are the ideal day to really enjoy being alone. Located behind the St. Lawrence market, The Sunday Antique Market, is your go-to on all things antique. With so many selections, there's no way you won't leave with a new treasure to furnish that new apartment! 


Allan Gardens Conservatory

Where: 19 Horticultural Ave // Cabbagetown

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Why should you go: This is a true Toronto gem that deserves to be visited many times. It has tonnes of exotic flowers and plants that will leave you feeling like you're in a tropical jungle! Nothing like taking a quick solo trip in the heart of the city.


Dineen Coffee Co.

Where: 140 Yonge St // Financial District

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Why should you go: Coffee shops are an old time classic place to be when you're alone and this is just one of many Toronto coffee shops that you'll be sure to find other people who are flying solo as well!


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Where: 815 Bloor St W. // Little Italy

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Why should you go: Who says you have to share a glass of wine and cheese platter? You can do that alone in Toronto, and rock it. Here you can bring out your inner wine loving self, and pair it with their assortment of plates. You can even get beautiful crafted cocktails, or even simply a cup of latte, while chilling on the patio (shout out to the hot September weather!)


Toronto Heli Tour

Where: 2 Erieann Quay // Harbourfront

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Why should you go: Take in your new home from new heights! One of the most fun things to do in Toronto, is see it from a bird's eye view. 


Her Majesty's Pleasure 

Where: 556 King St W. // Entertainment District 

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Why should you go: Getting a mani pedi at this adorable salon is something every girl who's new to Toronto to should do. While here, you also get have charming bartenders who will serve you champagne, food, and cute cocktails! The ultimate treat yourself excursion!


Bite Beauty 

Where: 678 Queen St W. // West Queen West

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Why should you go: This is a lipstick lover's ultimate paradise! Spend time here getting lost in the world of all things lipstick and work with experts to create your very own!


Monkey's Paw

Where: 1267 Bloor St W. // The Junction Triangle

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Why should you go: If you're the ultimate book work, this is exactly the place for you. The Monkey's Paw is a lost treasure store, that carries forgotten 20th century books. The bookstore also has a vending machine, called the 'Biblio-Mat", which for $2 gives you a random book.


Crothers Woods

Where: Crothers Woods Trail // East York

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Why should you go: While the city has many hiking trails and parks, the woods have endless paths of boardwalk staircases and paths. Along with the stunning trails (especially in the fall), the woods have stunning scenic views. 


Room 2046

Where: 1252 Yonge St // Summerhill

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Why should you go: This design shop is also a bookstore, cafe and boutique. There's lots to do and see in one place, so be sure to take the full tour.


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