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Loitering-- my favourite hobby. Ask me what I did this summer, and I’ll tell you I literally loitered in front of various fast food establishments, doing absolutely nothing-- Jay and Silent Bob style. If you have time to blow and don’t want to seem like a creep, check out this list for some potential ideas of where to park your butt, or at least wander.

Sneaky Dee’s

431 College Street

You have to meet someone from or around U of T. They’re late. What are you doing? You’re walking further down College St. and telling them to meet you at Sneak’s because you are getting huevos rancheros and also getting drunk.

The Stag Shop

239 Yonge St

Assuming you’re not 12 and don’t giggle uncontrollably at the sight of dildos and various sex toys, perhaps you could handle killing some time here. Who knows? You might even find something fun and new for yourself.

Union Station

65 Front Street W

Ah, Union Station. Scum of the commuter lifestyle, the giant structure has been under construction for what, over seven years now? Anyway, thanks to its vast size, you can still do something inside while you await your train. Liiiiikeeeee…. Have a Cinnabon! Aaaanndd… Have another Cinnabon! Aaaaannnd… Look at all the famous people stuff in the ACC, ‘cause they’re connected! Even better, Union Station is a phenomenal place to people-watch.

Kensington Market

I don’t know when the situation will arise for you to need to kill time around Kensington, but lucky for you, there’s plenty to do here. Pop into Roach-a-rama, buy a pipe, smoke a little J, or not, just have a drink, maybe a crepe, go loiter in the park, do whatever you gotta do, dude. Kensington’s great. You won’t be bored.

The MaRS Building

101 College St

Whatever the hell this is, it’s ideal for wasting, like, a solid 15 minutes because you will spend the first 10 trying to find the bathroom.

Hockey Hall Of Fame

30 Yonge Street

If you don’t feel like being tied down to Union Station, feel free to cross the street, pay the fee, and look at some campy Canadiana memorabilia. Oh, and sports. If you like sports.

Literally any record shop

Tons on Queen Street

Seriously. Just pop your head in to “take a quick look” and you’ll be there for at least half an hour, browsing. A ton of record stores are based on Queen Street, and the good thing about that is Toronto is five streets down, five streets across, so you’ll be walking (or streetcar) distance from pretty much anywhere in the downtown core.


100 Queens Park

Thursdays are free for students, so you can feel at ease knowing that you can just wander in with your ID and kill at least an hour or two between classes or waiting for rush hour to be over. Plus, you might learn something. FOR FREE! Take that, capitalism.


60 Carlton Street

Sorta near Ryerson, mostly near College Station, if you’re awaiting someone’s arrival, have a break between classes, or just killing time and happen to be in the area, Loblaws is the place to be. What’s better than walking around a giant grocery store for half an hour? You don’t look creepy (because everybody’s doing it) and you might even get some free samples. It’s basically the North American Dream.


317 Dundas St. West

For another gratis-yet-educational time killing experience, the AGO is free on Wednesday nights, free for OCAD students all the time, and really not that expensive in general if you’re going to go. For the creative types, the AGO is at a central downtown location, so you won’t be too far from anything walking-wise, and you’ll feel a bit more clever and interesting leaving it. One of those cool art kids. You know.


160 Spadina + everywhere

The one on Queen and Spadina is a popular joint. And if you go upstairs, you can even get away with not buying anything. Possibly. Don’t quote me.

Toronto Library

Yonge & Bloor, Nathan Philips Square, literally any other library

What’s better than a library? Depending on how much time you have to spare, you can do so much! You can read a book. You can read a chapter. You can take a nap. You can do your homework. You can take a nap. You can take a nap.

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