Everyone wants a nice, toned bod - especially for the warm summer season. But not everyone wants to work really f*cking hard at it, or endure what seems like hours on the treadmill/stairclimber. 

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We've picked out some super fun, high energy workouts for people who fking HATE exercisingBecause you should be able to look hot and have fun without wanting to chuck a kettlebell at someone. 

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1. The Flying Yogi // 245 Carlaw Ave #007

Circ Du Soleil anyone? Suspension Yoga will have you bending in all the right places. The aerial element allows you to get a deeper, fuller stretch and some support if you finally wanna try that hand stand.

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2. Sky Zone Trampoline Bar // Various Locations 

Jump on it. Work up a massive sweat jumping and twisting on some of the biggest trampolines in the GTA. Skyzone offers a bunch of different opportunities, like basketball and dodgeball, for a more athletic sweat. 

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3. Brass Vixens // Various Locations

Ever heard of a Twerk Out? Seriously. Brass Vixens has designated classes with booty popping that tones, sculpts and teaches you how to twerk. 

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4. Aquamermaid // University Settlement, 23 Grange Rd

Fk your regular old laps, try strapping on a tail for size. Aquamermaid's tales require core, glute, and quad strength to manuever through water. Spice up your cardio with fun dance choreo under the resistance of water! 

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5. ferris360 // 1910 Yonge Street

Yes, this pic may look intimidating - but hear us out. Ferris360 tabata workouts are a total of 5 minutes. That's right - 5 minutes of work, targeting all sections of your bod for the ultimate work out. This strict high intensity interval training will help you burn calories faster throughout the day, so for best results, try to mix them in in the morning.  

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6. SURFSET Toronto // 2481A Yonge St.

Unless you're trying to hang 10 in Lake Ontario Surfset is a great way to fufill that surf-craving. Surfset challenges your endurance, core strength and full body during the 45-minute class. 

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7. The Cut @ Equinox // Various Locations 

This cardio-central boxing and martial arts class has no bags, no wraps, and and no rings. You don't need a thing but your bare hands and optional light weights to really kick ass and shred fat. 

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8. Crossfit YKV // 175 Avenue Road

Think less crossfit-more obstacle course, ok? Crossfit's one of the most engaging and fun ways to lose weight fast. Might sound like an infomercial but facts only guys. You can sign up rfn for a free class! 

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9. Pursuit OCR // 444 Dufferin St

Pursuit is a real fun way to run around and burn calories while not feeling that dreaded 'I'm-working-out' mentality. 

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10. Barre Beautiful // 2156 Yonge St. 

If it's good enough for Victoria Secret Angels, it's good enough for us. This celeb fav is for the nostalgic reminscing on ballet days of yore or anyone who wants to feel pretty in a pink tutu while getting their sculpt on. 

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11. Ganja Yoga // 714 Bloor St West

BYOW to this very low key studio. Not saying that this is a workout that will be the most effective, but quite possibly the most fun.

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12. Studio K-O // 788 King Street West

Channel your inner Rocky with this high energy boxing class. An intro class is accessible for all levels of fitness and is guaranteed to be a whole lotta fun. 

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13. Afterburn Fitness // 230 Nantucket Avenue Unit 1

Paddle your way to rock hard abs @ Afterburn. Whether you'reinto dragonboating or have no f*cking clue what it is, you'll have fun working through an afterburn class with constant motivation and encouragement. 

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