I'm sure you've noticed an influx of cherry blossom photos on your social media channels this week, it's kind of hard not to. The cherry blossom blooms always officially mark the beginning of spring in the city because that's when the weather is finally sunny and beautiful. 

Now that the sun is out, the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping patio season is officially in full swing as well. Torontonians have been flocking to patios this week to enjoy after work drinks and soak up some rays! 

Another way to enjoy some patio time is heading over to your local cafe, ordering an iced coffee and spending some peaceful time in the quiet. Catch up on work, spend time with old friends or just read a good book at any one of these cafes in Toronto with stunning hidden patios!

13. Fika Cafe 

Where: 28 Kensington Ave // Kensington Market

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Fika is definitely one of the best hidden gem cafes in all of Toronto. Located in the heart of the Kensington Market area this cafe has tons to offer. Their drinks and snacks are amazing plus they also serve sandwiches! They have a wall inside covered with open books and their sunny outdoor patio has tables and a hammock to relax in!

12. Te Aro 

Where: 983 Queen St E // Leslieville 

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I live in the East End so I frequent the amazing Te Aro a LOT! Their coffee is always delicious and it's a local favourite in the summer months where you can sit on their front patio, soak up the sun and watch the streetcars pass you by.

11. Boxcar Social

Where: 235 Queens Quay W // Queen Quay

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Boxcar Social has a few different locations across the city but their newest addition is the one located at the Toronto waterfront. You can enjoy your coffee, lunch or treat with stunning views of Lake Ontario right in front of you. 

10. The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar

Where: 238 Annette St // The Junction

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Located right near High Park, The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar is definitely one of the hippest cafes on this list. They serve up coffee with amazing latte art every time and it's a great spot to catch up on some work in their relaxing environment.

9. Full Stop

Where: 2948 Dundas St W // The Junction 

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Full Stop is definitely a unique spot in the city, full of eclectic decor all over the place that looks like you just stepped into a living room from the 60s. Their stunning back patio is filled with 30 seater communal picnic tables and oversized umbrellas that's perfect for a caffeine pit stop during the summer months. 

8. Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

Where: 613 Queen St W // Queen West

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You've probably heard of this spot already because they serve the pink eggs benedict and rose shaped avocado toast you've been seeing all over Instagram. This trendy spot is ideal for brunch on the weekends but they're also a casual cafe with a sunny, white patio in the back! 

7. Cafe Pamenar 

Where: 307 Augusta Ave // Kensington Market

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Definitely one of the prettiest and best kept secrets on this list is Cafe Pamenar. Order your coffee inside and then walk through the cafe to their hidden back patio and you'll enter a green oasis filled with a canopy of trees and vines covering the walls! 

6. Rooster Coffee House

Where: 479 Broadview Ave

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Rooster Coffee House also has a couple locations around the Toronto area but it's their location on Broadview that has the sunny outdoor seating you need to take advantage of this summer. This cafe is full of unique decor like their luggage as coffee tables, glass chandeliers and so much more.

5. Dundas & Carlaw

Where: 1173 Dundas St E // Leslieville

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If you've ever driven or walked on Dundas before, you've definitely seen this large outdoor patio. It's a popular summer spot to hang out because you can use it both as a quiet cafe to get work done in the sun and an after work hangout to enjoy a couple beers with friends!

4. Dineen Coffee Co. 

Where: 140 Yonge St // Downtown Toronto

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Dineen Coffee Co. is one of the most popular coffee spots for busy professionals in the downtown area. During the summer months they open up their sunny outdoor seating area so people can enjoy their lunch break outside or enjoy a quick snack with co-workers after work! 

3. Portland Variety 

Where: 587 King St W // King West

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Portland Variety is a popular brunch spot in the mornings, dinner spot in the evenings and cocktail bar at nights. They also a coffee bar that's perfect for grabbing a coffee on the go or enjoying in their outdoor seating area!

2. Crafted 

Where: 135 Ossington Ave // Trinity Bellwoods

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Crafted is a super cute spot in the hip west end of Toronto. The indoors is full of eclectic photos on the walls and they also serve up amazing coffee and baked goods. Their back patio is like enjoy your coffee in a private garden away from all the noise of the busy street!

1. Jimmy's Coffee 

Where: 191 Baldwin St // Baldwin Village

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Jimmy's Coffee is one of those classic coffee chains in the city that doesn't feel like a chain at all. They have multiple locations in Toronto that serve up consistently good coffee and baked goods every time. If you head over to their location in Baldwin Village you'll find a relaxing back patio complete with plans and sunshine!

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