Shisha or hookah lounges are all the rage and is a past time is pretty common amongst the middle eastern population, however it was Scarborough's own Drake who made it mainstream. As Drizzy's fans know, he loves his shisha. Not only does he run one in Toronto, many times he posts on his social media smoking away.

Lucky for you, Toronto and the GTA, has many shisha lounges for you to spend time at. While some places might be bougie, others seems sketchy af. The important thing to know, is not to judge a book by it's cover. Trust me when I say, these are the best of the best in the city and Drizzy would be proud!

Ali Basha

Where: 147 Dundas St E. // Garden District

via @nickisharashid

Why should you go: This laid back and affordable has been around for some time. It gives you very authentic flavours, and makes it an overall relaxing place to hang out. It might not have the most aesthetic interior, but it's still worth the time you spend here. 


Starbuzz Lounge and Grill

Where: 1376 Danforth Ave // East York

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Why should you go: After a much needed renovation, this location has become a hotspot for many. The colourful, yet dim lighting sets a great mood for those chill evenings with friends that you want to spend simply catching up. Starbuzz hosts a younger crowd, and is pretty fairly priced.


Shisha & Co.

Where: 636 Yonge St // Church and Wellesley

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Why should you go: Watermelon heads are all the rage in this location (who wouldn't be, just look at that hookah above!). From its cozy bottom floor, to its spacious upstairs floor, you're in for an overall treat that fits with the mood you want.


SishaLicious Cafe

Where: 5130 Dixie Rd // Mississauga

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Why should you go: Shisha lounges in Sauga are plentiful, so of course you will see some on this list. This location is not only open till 4 AM on weekends, but it also has a food menu that pairs well with whatever shisha flavour you choose to indulge in!



Where: 4230 Sherwoodtowne Blvd // Mississauga 

via @finallywade

Why should you go: This is by far one of my personal favourite shisha locations. It's got a pretty bougie ambiance, dim lighting and plenty of seats to accompany larger groups. The shisha flavours are priced decently, and the ice pipe intensifies any flavour you indulge in. Get here early on weekends as it's a very popular location!


Mazaj Lounge

Where: 1195 Meyerside Dr // Mississaugavia @mazaj.lounge

Why should you go: As you can see in the picture, this is a pretty large place and can hold fairly large parties. It is an upscale location, with tonnes of flavours to choose from, plus plenty of flat screen TVs so you can keep you up with the big game!


Al-Omda Lounge

Where: 255 Dundas St W. // Mississauga 

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Why should you go: The final Sauga shisha lounge is Al-Omada. Along with shisha, they also have a fabulous menu that stays true to its Middle Eastern roots- so while here, be sure to order something off the menu to give you an authentic Middle Experience experience!


Habibiz 2

Where: 1996 Lawrence Ave E. // Scarborough 

Why should you go: This location is the second of its kind, but much nicer tbh. From booths and a fountain as you walk in, it makes for one of the nicer places to have a shisha night. If you have a friend who is new to the shisha world, take them here- while the location and exterior may seem unpleasing at first, but once you walk in, you're in for a very pleasant surprise! 


Cyan Cafe and Lounge

Where: 9737 Yonge St // Richmond Hill

via @rafhsn_

Why should you go: Another bougie place on this list, and one I have been highly recommended to visit. The entire place has blue lighting, gorgeous decor, and just an overall good vibe atmosphere! 


Mandala Cafe and Lounge

Where: 10670 Yonge St // Richmond Hill

via @sanamahmood93

Why should you go: Honestly, if anyone knows what exactly the pineapple is suppose to do, please let me know, unless it is simply just decoration- which I mean, I am here for. This location brings together a modern and authentic Middle Eastern vibe, from its great shishas to amazing food.


Cafe Chic

Where: 263 Bay Thorn Dr // Thornhill

via @krave328

Why should you go: This location is ideal for a large group of people, and has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that can be a paired with the shisha. It might seem a bit out of the way being up in Thornhill, but is recommended by many.  


3 Kings Cafe

Where: 2061 Lawrence Ave E. // Scarborough 

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Why should you go: There are plenty of shishas to go around here at this location, and they make your VIP experience amazing- if you're VIP you get fantastic discounts. But the best part here? FREE DRINKS. That's right, non-alcoholic drinks are totally free for customers as they enjoy their shisha!


Alexandria Cafe 

Where: 1940 Lawrence Ave E. // Scarborough 

via @itsamandaa.xo

Why should you go: This 3-in-1 location is ideal for a night out. From its Middle Eastern cuisine, fine pressed fresh juices, and fresh shisha flavours, it s perfect for everyone. It seats large parties, has private rooms you can book, and an overall chill vibe that will have you coming back!



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