Baseball season is officially here and the Jays are finally back in Toronto playing at The Rogers Centre on April 8-10th! 

Who doesn't love getting together with a bunch of their friends and family, having a couple drinks, and watching the game from at home or even at the venue?! It's a great time to hang out with the people you love and have a fun time supporting your Blue Jays!

I love the Jays and hopefully with these reasons you'll GOIN(s) to be watching the game!

1.Good excuse to get drunk and have fun.

Enjoy yo'self.

2.Great time to stare at some baseball booty.

Goins is not too shabby.

3.Take a look at the most stylish MVP.

Donaldson and his luscious locks are seriously amazing.

4.Bautista and his canon of an arm.

Getting our opponents out left, right and centre.

Photo cred - @sparkymingming

5.Pillar and his amazing acrobatics.

Better than any Cirque de Soleil show you'll ever see.

6.It's the first year they have installed a classic dirt infield.

Love seeing our boys get down and dirty.

7.You can release your inner slob.

Throwing your peanut shells on the ground is considered totally normal when you're at a game.

8.Amazing atmosphere.

Not only is the inside of the event awesome, but the outside is just as lively. The venders and street musicians will definitely complete your outing to see the Jays!

9.Canadian pride is at an all time high.

An entire stadium singing the Oh Canada at the same time is probably the best things you'll hear in your life.

Photo cred - @elitesportstours

10. People watching.

Watching everyone get really into the game and getting carried away is always entertaining.

11. Making new friends.

There's lots of single men and women out there to meet.

12.You get to live every pitch with the Stro Show.

Who doesn't love him?

13. Getting dressed up in your favourite players gear.

Wearing your favourite player's jersey is almost like getting a hug from them. Almost.

14.We have one of the best teams in baseball.  

Why wouldn't you want to cheer on these amazing athletes?

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