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Summer's really over. Now that the temperature is steadily dropping towards zero, there's really no way to pretend you can still go tanning or leave the house in that cute sundress you've been rocking a lot. You know, the paisley one you wear to the park because you think it looks good against the grass. Nope, now is the time for sweaters and scarves and transitioning from frappachinos to lattes. But just because it's getting chilly out, doesn't mean you have to lock yourself inside and settle in for a long Netflix-filled winter just yet. There's still a couple of good weeks of relative warmth, and you should really try to take in as much outdoors as you can before they're gone.

1. Picnic at Moore Park Ravine

Fall is a great time for picnics. The brisk weather works up your appetite, but it's not so cold that your fingers are falling off. Find a flat spot somewhere along this ravine- which shouldn't be too difficult, because it's pretty damn long, and enjoy some nature with your lunch.

2. Bring your creepiest jack-o-lanterns to the Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade

This event has become annual, and this year it falls on November 1st. Line your pumpkin up alongside the hundreds of others that will be there, light it up, and wait for the sun to go down. Even if you're not a great pumpkin carver, it's worth checking out just for the sight of a dark night with the only light coming from endless pumpkins all along the park's path.

3. Go for a walk though the Discovery walks

The Discovery walks are one of the best things the city has to offer in terms of self-made outdoor fun. If you like the changing of the leaves, walking through these trails is a great way to immerse yourself in it. Extra fun if you bring some hot chocolate laced with whiskey along for the ride.

4. Go hiking through Rouge Park

Rouge Park is mad underrated, which is weird because it's fucking hard to miss. If you like a good hike, this place is perfect for it, with lots of trails, paths and hills. It's easy to get lost if that's what you're in the mood for.

5. Hit up the Church and Wellesley Halloween block party

Show off that sick Halloween costume you've been working on at this annual event, and check out some other inspired costume ideas. There isn't a costume contest, but you and your friends can easily change that by getting wasted and snarky about what everyone around you is wearing.

6. Go on a mushroom picking tour

Did you know that fall is mushroom season? Well, it is, and the Mycological Society of Toronto is providing guided tours through wooded areas around Toronto, if you'd like to stock up on mushrooms for the next little while. I'm assuming the tours are guided because otherwise someone would definitely eat a poisonous mushroom and die, or eat a magic mushroom and have way too much fun.

7. Take lots of instagram pictures of trees

Trees are real pretty this time of year, and your instagram friends need to know how good you are at capturing that beauty. Don't let them miss out!

8. Go mountain biking along the Don Valley

The Don Valley Parkway is a really great space to get active in. Now is the perfect time to bring out your mountain bike for a few more rides, since the sun has become a little more forgiving than it was in the summer. All of its hills and trails are waiting for you.

9. Go for a stroll along the boardwalk

Pretty soon, it's going to be way too cold to spend an extended amount of time near the water, but right now, it's a great place to be. The view of the Islands and Lake Ontario from the boardwalk is legit, and there's plenty of great restaurants to nip into if you get hungry on your walk.

10. Soak up the scenery at Crothers Woods

Crothers Woods is another amazing trail you can find just off the Don Valley. It's a perfect spot to bring a warm coffee and spend a quiet morning just sitting around with a book, or listening to music.

11. Look down upon the world at Rattlesnake Point

The awesome thing about Rattlesnake Point is that it has a bunch of cliff faces you can stand over, where you can look down at the city below and feel like God. Or, you know, just enjoy how pretty the blanket of trees around the city is when they're different shades of yellow, orange, and red.

12. Take a trip to an outdoor farmer's market before they're gone for the year

Although farmers markets tend to be more popular in the summer, they're really worth it in the fall, because it's when all of the best foods come into season. The Sorauren Farmer's market will be moving indoors in early November, and the Junction Farmer's Market will be done for the year at around the same time. Get one last trip in before they're gone!

13. Roast marshmallows over a bonfire on Ward Island

There's nothing more fall than a bonfire, and it's pretty easy to reserve a fire pit on the Islands through the Toronto website. Grab a bunch of your friends and some supplies,  and have a chill Friday evening  before heading back to the mainland to party.

14. Get fit at the workout stations at High Park

Toronto is a city that loves fitness. Everyone here works out all the time, and if you don't have a gym membership, fall is a great time to turn the world into your gym, now that being outside for more than ten minutes won't make you melt into a puddle. A whole bunch of the parks around the city have stations in them where you can work on your fitness, but the one in High Park is the most comprehensive, and each little mini-station has a sign in front of it with instructions and suggestions of exercises you can do.

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