Halloween is great - if you've planned out what you're thinking of doing for the night. It can be tricky, because you wish you were trick or treating, but you can't. Maybe your midterm exams are around the corner, but you still want to have fun, or get scared without paying a ton of money or making elaborate plans. If you're trying to stay away from the party scene, or just want to spend the night out in the city with some friends, we've got a list of FREE events that you can attend on Halloween.

This way, the emptiness in your wallet won't be the only scary thing this season.

1. Queen's Park Ghost Tour

Queen's Park, being an already very haunted building in the city, offers tours of it's creepy, historical site.


2. Halloween on Church

Pretty much a huge block party, Halloween on Church is one of Toronto's most anticipated events. Three blocks are closed down for the attraction, and you can look forward to celebrating Halloween with some local clubs and bars in the area as well.


3. Ghost Stories at The Garrison

As if Halloween isn't a scary event in itself, now you can really spook yourself out by going over to The Garrison, and listen to ghost stories that are told live from storytellers on Halloween night.


4. The Junction Pumpkin Fest

With fall in full swing, you're probably obsessed with pumpkins. Head on over to the Pumpkin Fest so you can get a dose of all things pumpkin, and indulge in your love of fall throughout the day until later on Halloween evening.


5. Night of Dread

If you like music and dancing, Night of Dread sure is the place for you! Every year, Clay and Paper Theatre puts on evening filled with masks, puppets, costumes and a masquerade. The event celebrates death, dread, and fears. Make sure to come in your best black and white costume to parade through Toronto.


6. Phantom of the Organ

Go over to the Metropolitan United Church and listen to some scary, classical music in the dark, spooky building with some smoke machines and candles that totally top off the eerie scene.


7. Toronto West Halloween Fest

Support St. Joseph's Health Centre with a 5 K walk and a street festival!


8. Pumpkin Fest in the Kingsway

The pumpkin fest is exactly like it sounds. All you have to do is dress up, and you can come to the pumpkin fest and celebrate Halloween with face painting and pumpkins all around!


9. Halloween at Toronto Public Library

Check out the library branch closest to you for details on Halloween events going on inside.


10. Day of the Dead

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is when Mexicans celebrate the deceased. At Evergreen Brickworks, you can  celebrate Latin American culture with food and music on Halloween. There's no better way to celebrate dead people than on the scariest night of the year. Bonus points if you're actually Mexican.


11. Pumpkin Parade

Bring your pumpkin to the Pumpkin Parade the day after Halloween, so that you actually have something to do with it instead of mourning the passing of Halloween like you do every year with its lonely existence. Pumpkins will be lined up all around the park so you can see the shining lights in every Jack-o-Lantern. PLUS there's free hot chocolate.


12. Milton Haunted House

There's a haunted house in Milton for everyone of all ages to walk through, plus face painting and a silent auction.


13. The Butcher of Provincetown

Located in Scarborough, this haunted location offers a scary night of fun with two attractions under one place. Named after the man who was involved in the Port Union murders, the event is spooky because of the fact that The Butcher of Provincetown and his family escaped to Rouge Park in Scarborough, and have lived there every since.


14. The Halloween Walk and Fundraiser

Support local Toronto police officers and fire fighters by walking for first responders who suffer from mental illnesses. You can also receive prizes for the best costume and pumpkin.


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