If you aren't sure what really classifies someone as a 'potato,' it's pretty simple. Potato people are the ones who prefer staying in and binge-watching Netflix, grabbing grub, chilling out instead of hitting the club. Overall they aren't looking for anything too crazy or wild when it comes to doing things around the city. 

If you are a potato type and are just looking for a chill time out in the city where you and your BFF can just enjoy each other's company, relax and go with the flow- look no further! These potato-approved activities will definitely suit your standards! 

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Calii Love // 367 King St W 

What better food for some potatoes to enjoy than some fellow veggies (and fish of choice, of course). Calii Love serves some major aesthetic that anybody would enjoy, but the food is just as delicious and fresh. With the poké bowl trend showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, it's about time to head over and try the trendy food out for yourself! 

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Moo Frites // 178 Baldwin St 

Potatoes love potatoes, it's a fact! If you and your BFF are looking for some carb overloads, check out Moo Frites! Not only do they have fresh cut Belgian fries ready for when you want to pop by, but they've got a ton of homemade sauces for you to choose from to garnish your meal with! 

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Fancy Franks // 453 Queen St W 

Who doesn't love a good hot dog?! Fancy Franks is known for their delicious signature hot dogs as well as the option to custom make your own. Though, their Nutella mini donuts and milkshakes make for the perfect (and extremely necessary) companions to your meal!

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Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St W 

The only thing better than just vegging out with your best friend is to include tacos! Wilbur is a great spot to grab some considering the sleek and aesthetic ambience as well as I mean.. the amazing tacos. 

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Miss Thing's // 1279 Queen St W 

If you are looking for an eccentric spot, definitely go to Miss Things! The spot hosts a ton of cute and quirky interior pieces inside as well as food that comes in a pineapple bowl! What more could you ask for? 

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Power Up Bar // 38 Wellington St E 

Power Up Bar is a great place to go if you and your BFF and looking to channel your geeky gamer side. The spot features tons of different gaming opportunities and you get to mingle with fellow gamers while grabbing some drinks, it's a match made in heaven!

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Hi-Lo // 753 Queen St E 

Hi-Lo is a great bar with a killer ambience. The tiled ceilings and friendly staff will make you feel like you are at home just grabbing some drinks. Plus the hanging lights are adorable once it starts to get later into the night! 

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Nightowl // 647 College St 

Nightowl is a great spot on College that is full of fun and games.. literally, there is a massive selection of vintage arcade games for you to play! That's not all though, from the arcade games to the great selection of drinks you can grab in between rounds, you are definitely in for a rowdy night at this spot! 

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The Lockhart // 1479 Dundas St W 

Potterheads unite! The Lockhart is Toronto's own Harry Potter-inspired bar, suited with cocktail potions and Potter puns all over the space. Whether you are a massive fan of the franchise or not, you'll definitely appreciate this spot and all it's quirks! 

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SPiN Toronto // 461 King St W 

Who doesn't love drinks and ping pong? Work in a few rounds with your BFF in between pints for a great night or follow it up with going to another bar, either way, it's a great time to catch up and channel your competitive side! 

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A VIP Movie at Cineplex // multiple locations 

If you haven't been to a VIP movie yet, you have got to, especially if you and your BFF are looking to just veg out. From the comfy seats to the options for food that go way past just popcorn, you'll find yourself wondering why you haven't visited the luxe theatre sooner! 

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Try to go to as many cute coffee shops as you can in a day. 

If you and your BFF want to spend the day together but are looking for an activity that isn't demanding or has a time constraint, look no further than creating your own little exploration! Try to pop into as many cute coffee shops as you can before the day is done, you'll be able to appreciate all the cute cafés and caffeine that the city has to offer! 

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Trivia Night at The Drake // 1150 Queen St W 

It's time to put your knowledge to the test, considering trivia at The Drake can get pretty competitive. Try to involve as many of your fellow potato pals as possible to rally up a team that can take home a winner! The trivia nights happen every Wednesday but keep in the know through The Drake's Trivia Night Facebook page for hints on the weekly themes! 

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BATL Ground // 33 Villiers 

Who hasn't wanted to through an axe at a wood board in their lifetime? BATL Ground gives you the opportunity to do it legally, and trust me when I say your first experience probably won't be your last- the adrenaline pumping event is addicting! 

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Snakes and Lattes // 489 College St 

If you and your BFF are looking for something extremely low key and just want to chill out and appreciate each others company, go to Snakes and Lattes! You can choose any of the massive selection of games offered and just relax, enjoy some good latte art and play a few rounds of Clue! 

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