Toronto is a city that is constantly moving and is full of people that are always up and out doing exciting and exhilarating things. While that can definitely be fun, if you are more of a grandma than a young adult it probably doesn't take too many exhilarating nights out for you to start passing on plans to chill out and just binge watch Netflix.

Though, just because you secretly are a grandma doesn't mean you need to hole yourself up in your house! There are tons of different things to do in the city that involve a more chilled out and relaxed atmosphere and vibe, perfect if you are looking for a break from the loud and fast-paced nature of the city! So instead of waiting for the new Stranger Things season to come out, grab your fellow grandma friends and check out these things to do in the city! 

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G Is For Gelato // 75 Jarvis St 

Even grandmas love pizza! Not only does G Is For Gelato offer delicious pizzas with a ton of different toppings options, but they also have gelato for dessert. You couldn't think up a better match made in heaven! 

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The Drake Commissary // 128A Sterling Rd 

The Drake's newest venture with the opening of the Commissary has been a huge hit for a pretty obvious reason. Not only is the vibe of the venue welcoming but the food is incredible, whether you choose to split it with friends or get your own plate, you are sure to be impressed! Plus the mid-century inspired decor will definitely suit your self-proclaimed grandma title. 

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Nota Bene // 180 Queen St W 

Nota Bene is definitely for the more boujee grandma as it hosts some pretty luxed dining options. From fresh seafood to classic steak there are a ton of delicious options to choose from. Though, if you do go you need to try out something from their stand out cocktail menu! 

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Wish CafĂ© // 3 Charles St E 

Whether you are arriving for brunch or dinner, Wish never disappoints with fresh and delicious food for you to eat in one of the cutest restaurants the city has to offer! If the cold weather has already got you feeling down, the airy and Summery feel of this restaurant's atmosphere is definitely something you need to experience ASAP. 

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Tequila Bookworm // 512 Queen St W 

If you are looking for more of a dive bar spot, then Tequila Bookworm is the place to visit. Not only do they have great sangria (pictured above), but they also have outdoor seating if you are still refusing to acknowledge that #patioSZN is over. 

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Her Majesty's Pleasure // 556 King St W 

Every grandma needs a day of rest and relaxation, and Her Majesty's Pleasure is the perfect place to spend yours! Not only can you get practically any spa treatment under the sun at this spot, but the location offers drinks as well as ample Insta-photo opportunities! 

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Paintlounge // 1173 Queen St E 

Painting is the perfect way to relax and just chill out, especially if you've got stress building up from school or work! At Paintlounge you get the opportunity to join in on classes where you are just free to paint, so grab your friends and channel your inner Picasso! 


Art Gallery of Ontario // 317 Dundas St W 

If you've been to the AGO before, you know that it's one of the most chilled out and serene areas in the city, especially during off-peak hours. Now with the Guillermo exhibit being featured, it's the perfect time to visit with your friends to check out some amazing art pieces and installations! 

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Imagine Cinemas // 20 Carlton St   

What's better than a movie night? A cheap movie night! At Imagine Cinemas the fair is already cheaper than bigger movie theatres by offering general admission at $11, but their cheap Tuesdays make the deal even sweeter when you only have to pay $7! 

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Bowling at The Ballroom // 145 John St 

Bowling is a classic for a good reason. It's easy, fun and a great way to just relax with friends while still doing something. Not only can you get in a few rounds of bowling but at The Ballroom you can pair it with drinks and great food, what more could you ask for?!

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Imperial Pub // 54 Dundas St E 

Imperial Pub is a classic dive bar with a great vibe and crowd. Not only do you get your staple pub experience but the pub has a library inside, perfect for you and your grandma friends! 

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Snakes and Lattes // 489 College St

Snakes and Lattes is always a safe bet for a chill night out. Whether you are gathering up a huge group of people to play Monopoly while enjoying some fresh brews or are going one on one with a friend to battle it out with 'Guess Who?', it's guaranteed to be a fun time! 

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Trivia night at The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St W 

The Drake Hotel is a good time in general, but if you are looking for a more relaxed night at this trendy spot, definitely consider Trivia night! The themes vary weekly and always draw in a great crowd, just make sure to bring friends so you've got a better chance at knowing the answers! 

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SPIN Toronto // 461 King St W 

Ping pong games and pints? What more could you ask for?! This place is the perfect spot to catch up with old friends or hang out with your usual crowd. The atmosphere is always lively but never too rowdy, perfect for a grandma! 

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The Get Well // 1181 Dundas St W 

The Get Well is a great eccentric spot if you are looking for a place with some distinct personality. Not only do they have beers on tap and great cocktails to offer, but they also have working arcade games for you to play inside the unique venue! 

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