While Winter is arguably one of the most romantic times of the year, it can be hard to keep up when you are running low on cash. From holiday shopping to post-Black Friday, tons of Torontonians are short on cash to be able to splurge on impressive dates with their partner. 

Luckily, you don't need a ton of money to coordinate fun and exciting days and nights with your partner. All you'll need is at the most $35 for the dates below! So whether you are looking for cool and unique dates like virtual reality rooms or classic dates like mini putt, look no further! 

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Painting and wine night at Paint Nite

What better way to spend time with your partner than to spend a night painting with a glass of wine in hand? Don't worry, you definitely don't have to be a budding Picasso to have a good time- if anything, it's more fun the worse your painting turns out! 

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Go on a Big City scavenger hunt around the city! 

If you and your partner love a good adventure, definitely look no further than this organized scavenger hunt. It's the perfect excuse to explore through the city, who knows maybe you'll find a new favorite spot you would have never come across! 

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Go mini golfing at Putting Edge for cheap using this groupon. 

Sporty couples will love this cheap deal on mini golfing! Considering Putting Edge is always a great spot to get your golf on, regardless of whether you're actually good at it or not- it's a classically cheesy but super fun date! 

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Experience virtual reality at Toronto VR Zone for 48% off with this groupon.

Whether you both are into technology or not, anybody can appreciate how insanely cool virtual reality is. So if you have been curious on the VR world but have been waiting for a good time to check it out, definitely look no further than this deal that gets you the VR experience at Toronto's VR Zone for super cheap! 

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Get your adrenaline pumping and rock climb at Boulderz Climbing Centre.

What better way to relieve all your pent-up energy than to go rock climbing? This is definitely an idea for energetic couples who are looking to merge a low-key work out while spending time together! 

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Sit in on a comedy set at Absolute Comedy

Toronto's comedy scene is seriously underrated and definitely should be the focus of your next date this Winter! While there are tons of comedy clubs across the city, Absolute Comedy always has a fantastic set of comedians who will leave you with a seriously sore stomach from laughing so hard! 

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Grab dinner at The Dime.

Looking for a cheap dinner to follow up a fun night out? Definitely consider Queen Street Warehouse's newer location, The Dime! They have the same super cheap menu with no menu item going over 4.95 and an extensive list of food for you to choose from, each tasting better than the next! 

Go skating on this ice skating trail when it opens for the season! 

If Winter is your favourite season and you and you S/O love to take any opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, definitely take skating to the next level by going on a skating trail this season! There are definitely a ton around Ontario but this one in Muskoka is especially fun, and super inexpensive to enjoy! 

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Take a day trip to Niagara and go on a cheap beer, cider and wine tour

This is the perfect date for a couple who has differing drinks of choice. Whether you are a wine lover and their a beer snob or vice versa, this fun beer/cider/wine tour hybrid will please both of you! 

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Grab your dancing shoes and take up a salsa class

If you are looking for a unique date that is a ton of fun, definitely check out a salsa class! This is especially a great idea if you or your partner has two left feet and is looking for an excuse to brush up on their dancing skills. 

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Grab dessert at Cacao 70 Distillery.

Have a sweet tooth? This is the perfect date for any chocolate loving couple considering Cacao 70 Distillery serves up some incredibly decadent desserts. Just make sure to skip a big dinner so you can make room for the dessert! 

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Dance the night away at these bars with no cover

Looking to make a night out enjoying Toronto's party scene a little easier on the wallet? Look no further than this list of bars with no cover, which can knock off up to $15 off a night out! That's more than enough of an excuse to grab a hot dog after the bar! 

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Get classy at this wine and cheese tasting

Whether you are your partner are classy or not, a wine and cheese tasting date definitely will make you feel as if you are! Definitely, make sure to snag up this deal quick though considering they don't stay stocked for long! 

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Get competitive at The Drake's Trivia Nights

Get ready to brush up on your facts in order to prepare for when The Drake's Trivia Nights come back on December 20th. This is not only a great date for any pair, but it even makes for a great idea if you are planning a double date or are just going out with a group of friends! 

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Learn how to make chocolate in the comfort of your own home! 

Another great date idea for not only a couple who loves chocolate, but also are looking for a night in. This fun class can take place in your own home while you learn how to make your own chocolate treats! 

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