Toronto is a great city with tons to do, but it can seem like everything fun offered in the city is only a good time if you are going with other people. If you love going out and experiencing what the city has to offer, it can become a pretty big pain when your friends aren't available when you want to go do fun things.

Luckily, most of the fun things you can do in the city aren't exclusively fun for bigger groups of people. You can have a ton of fun entertaining just yourself! So whether you are looking for restos, clubs or just general activities around the city that you can enjoy by yourself (and bring your friends along for if they're finally done flopping), then read on! 

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Fancy Franks // 453 Queen St W

Who doesn't love some street meat?! While this technically isn't off the street, Fancy Frank's does hot dogs like no other in the city ever could. Plus they've got incredible home made donuts you can top with nutella! 

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Caplansky's Deli // 356 College St 

If you want some of the best smoked meat sandwiches in the city, Caplansky's is the place to go- and you don't need anybody to go with to enjoy it! If you do choose to visit, make sure you get the spicy mustard on your sandwich, it's incredible

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Schmaltz Appetizing // 414 Dupont St 

Montreal style bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon? YES PLEASE. This bagel spot offers tons of different options to cater to your wildest bagel dreams but if theres a stand out menu item it's definitely what they specialize in: smoked salmon and cream cheese topped with capers and onions! 

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Mamakas Taverna// 80 Ossington 

If you are in the mood for some Greek food that will make you feel like you must have backpacked to Greece, Mamakas Taverna is the place to go to. This spot serves up authentic Greek eats that will have you coming back for more, whether you choose to bring your friends next time or not! 

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Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St W 

Tacos know no occasion, so whether you are with a ton of friends and going solo, Wilbur is a great place to choose as a spot to eat. From their delicious tacos to the warm atmosphere inside, you definitely will enjoy your meal! 

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The Libertine // 1307 Dundas St W 

The Libertine is a great low-key spot to check out regardless of flying solo. The spot is small but always packed with great music and people! 

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Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W 

Apt 200 is another great smaller spot to check out if you are in the mood to party but the rest of your friends aren't down. Not only does it have a great atmosphere but you also have the opportunity to rack up a game of pool!

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The Citizen // 522 King St W 

Citizen is great because you can enjoy some awesome food before everything gets set aside to make room for a dance room and great music. This is the perfect spot if you are in the mood to dress up! 

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Wayward // 1096 Queen St W 

Wayward is a great time regardless of if you are bringing a big group or just yourself! You get the opportunity to dress up and enjoy the great ambiance and music all night long! 

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Bar 244 // 244 Adelaide St 

If you are going solo and on a budget, head on over to Bar 244. The spot hosts cheap drinks and a great party scene- you'll probably end up forgetting your alone within the first hour of arriving! 

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Make a visit to the AGO.

It's often better to hit up the AGO by yourself than with a friend considering you are able to enjoy all of the art and other installations in peace. Now with the new Guillermo Del Toro exhibit up and running, it's the perfect time to make the trip!

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See a movie at Imagine Cinemas.

You should go to the movies by yourself at least once in your life, picture it: no distractions, just you enjoying the movie! Plus, considering Cheap Tuesdays host $5 admission all day, it's clear Imagine Cinemas is the spot to pick to host your solo movie night! 

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Have a picnic at Trinity Bellwoods. 

Whether you choose to go solo or bring a furry pal, Trinity Bellwoods is a great place to enjoy your own company! So bring a book, a laptop to catch up on some Netflix, or nothing at all! 

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Go biking through one of these trails.

Biking is great, especially when you don't have to worry about catching up to someone or that someone not being able to catch up with you! These trails across the city are some of the most beautiful, especially during this time of year, so grab your helmet! 

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Go thrifting in Kensington.

Thrifting is a ton of fun regardless of whether you are doing it with friends or on your own, and Kensington is the perfect spot to check out for some unique finds!

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Explore through Allan Gardens. 

Allan Gardens is arguably one of the most serene spots in the city, and personally I think it's an amazing spot to visit by yourself. Whether you are super stressed because of midterms or just need a temporary break from life, it's a great place to venture through and chill out in! 

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