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No matter what you do Valentine's day is alive and well. It's hard to avoid the looks of pure bliss on the faces of those happily in love, strolling down Yonge street, hand-in-hand with their lover. It's the freakin' worst.

People are in love 365 days a year but for reasons beyond your control it is so much more noticeable around this, the 14th of February. All the single ladies try, with the best of intentions, to maintain composure, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not so much.

1. "Whatever happens do not let me text [insert name of ex-lover here]"

That what friends are for, right?

2. "Whatever, I hate Valentine's Day"

Coming from the girl who loved it last year when she had a boyfriend.

3. "It's just a stupid Hallmark holiday"

That you've bought into several years in the past but now that you're single, its bologna.

4. "I'm hoping Tinder can still pull through for me"

There are still a couple of days left to meet your soulmate.

5. "It's just me and my pizza"

& you're actually not lying when you say you're fine with that.

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6. "I am a strong independent woman who don't need no man"

A couple of glasses of wine later and you're probably singing a different tune

7. "Netflix is my valentine"

You don't pay $7.99 a month for nothing.

8. "Forever alone"

Pity party of 1.

9. "Oh my gosh, I'm fine don't even worry about me"

You'll just be crying yourself to sleep tonight, NBD.

10. "I would rather die than watch 'The Notebook' on Valentine's Day"

and by die you mean watch 'The Human Centipede' 40 times over.

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11. "Toronto men are all the same anyways"

You're so over it.

12. "Even the homeless man on Queen St rejected me"

How come he only asked you for money today?

13. "No way, is it valentine's day this weekend? I didn't even realize"


14. "I signed up for a double at work that day because I just knew"

You might as well make some extra money to pamper yourself.

15. "Oh dude, don't worry I bought 50 Shades of Grey Tickets weeks ago, we're safe"

Isn't that what all single girls are doing on Valentine's Day this year?

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16. "At least all the candy will be half-price tomorrow, that'll cheer me up"

It isn't all bad.

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