Ah, faboulous Thornhill. It's probably one of the smallest and gossipiest communities in the whole entire GTA. There is pretty much no form of entertainment other than chilling in parking lots and malls, sometimes going for Shisha in Richmond Hill - consequently allowing locals to complain a lot.

If you were born and raised in Thornhill, you've most likely been annoyed with certain things that constantly occur in the area, which make you yap and b*tch a lot. But hey, I don't blame you that is what you get for living in Thornhill. Truthfully speaking, this article will most likely go viral and be spoken about in the Timmies parking lot because everyone from Thornhill hates living there, but once it's spoken about they proudly rep it.

Thornhillians you get frustrated (we don't blame you) but don't lie, you love it! To bring together the love/hate relationship for the area, let's take a look at these 17 annoying things that happen in Thornhill and probably make you want to rip you hair out:

1. The absolutely ridiculous traffic on Bathurst.

Enough said. But you're thankful for Shabbat even if you're not Jewish.

2. The high school kids loitering at B&R and Promenade Mall.

Go home, you're not cool.

3. But Promenade and Timmies are your main source of entertainment.

Because where else are you to go? 

4. Having to drive to HWY 7 to watch a movie.

Because Rainbow Cinemas is no longer cool and doesn't have 4$ tickets.

5. You see and know everyone no matter where you go.

The people you went to high school with, your parents friends, or the guy you worked with at Baskin Robins when you were 13.

6. There is WAY too much Gossip.

Everyone knows everything about everyone. 

7. You're guaranteed to see your ex @ B&R Timmies.

So you mission to Duffern and Keele to avoid them. 

8. Feeling as if you're living in Israel, Russia or The Philippines.

Because most of Thornhill's population speaks either Hebrew,Russian or Filipino.

9. You have to pay more for the YRT

Even though the TTC is just an intersection away (@ B&S) 

10. Going to Wonderland is a trip and a half.

Because once again - Thornhill traffic. 

11. It's hard to decide where to go for All-You-Can-Eat Sushi.

Because there are so many options! 

12. Going to L.A Fitness to try and work out...

But you can't find a parking spot and it's packed with people looking at themselves.

13. Not being able to get breakfast or brunch at What A Bagel.

Because the line consists of 101048490220 people or you showed up past 3 pm. You try all 3 locations, but you have no luck. Oh, also one of the prime locations to see all of Thornhill.

14. A car is absolutely necessary.

Because you can't get anywhere without one. 

15. You envy the Asian kids.

Because they have car meets in their Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens and other exotic cars that mommy and daddy bought.

16. So you try to rent a car from Farraz.

But you're either not old enough or can't afford it. 

17. Going clubbing downtown is a mission.

And you either have to spend crazy cab/uber $ or leave the club early and get on the subway before 1 am.

18. There's just absolutely nothing to do and no where to go.



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