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Liberty Village might have a bad rep, but it’s just the “cat lovers” writing bad reviews on the neighborhood because they’re not dog people. The Village is full of hot, young professionals and has a lot of great events going on like the “Mac & Cheese Festival.” 26K people have already confirmed that they’ll be shoveling mac and cheese into their mouths for three days straight and any neighborhood that hosts a mac and cheese party is in Toronto's good books.

The Liberty Village community has many different quirks about it and there are some things only a fellow neighbor can possibly understand or relate to. There might be a lot of dog poop around, but if you get past the lazy dog owners -- Liberty Village is a great neighborhood with great taste.

Here are 20 different things you learn when you live in Liberty Village:

1. You've found cigarette or vomit on your balcony in the morning and complained

2. You join the Liberty Village Facebook Group for the comments

3. You've become a gymnast on the King Street car

4. You've learned how to beat the line at School brunch on the weekend

5. You've joined a Liberty Village Boot Camp

6. You've always wanted to go to Liberty Village Game Night, but never attended

7. You've comtemplated getting a wall mural done by Nadia Lloyd

8. You're worried about the metal flapping in the wind on the condo buildings

9. You've been discouraged by the Good Life and the hot people that infest it

10. You start to complain about dog poo

11. You begin to love dogs

12. The Metro grocery store is expensive, but you're too lazy to shop anywhere else

13. You're going to the Mac & Cheese Festival

14. Your new goal is to see Dexter, the cat on a leash

15. You've gone into The Golden Apple chocolate shop a million times and drooled everywhere

16. You've experienced havoc on the Ossington bus and maybe even Snapchatted it

17. Young professionals are your homeboys

18. You've been very concerned for someone else's lost dog

19. You got a Nutella donut from the Tim Hortons and it was the best day ever

20. You don't like saying you live in Liberty Village because of the "yuppie" stereotype

So next time you're in Liberty Village, quit hating on it and try to enjoy yourself. Maybe you'll even become a dog person after your visit -- you never know!

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