Your 20's can be a confusing, exciting and stressful time of your life all at once. You're probably in school or working, trying to figure your life out while simultaneously still trying to have a good time. If there's one thing many former teens entering their 20's hear from others, is that they should enjoy the decade to it's fullest extent.

If you are looking to make sure that you do so, look no further! We've got 20 things that you've got to do in your 20's that will help you live the "best years of your life" to the fullest! 

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1. Do the cheesy tourist stuff in the city if you haven't done it already. 

CN Tower, Ripley's, the 'TORONTO' sign, seriously if you haven't visited some of the more generic spots in the city, do it! It sounds lame but it's nice to visit the more popular spots once in a while. 

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2. Go to just as many non-touristy spots if you tend to frequent well-known areas already.  

If you tend to hang out primarily in the downtown core you definitely should consider spreading your wings a little and visiting some lesser appreciated areas in the city! 

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3. Go to dive bars like Dance Cave and Sneaky Dee's!  

If you are someone who doesn't typically go to dive bars, you really do need to start going to some in your 20's. Not only will your wallet thank you, but for many people, it ends up being a lot more fun of a time than typical clubs would've been. 

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4. Go through a fun bucket list with your friends or partner at least once. 

Bucket lists are a great way to bond with your friends or partner as well as get some great ideas for new things to do! 

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5. Go on a wine tour at Reif Estate Winery

Technically you'll have to venture a little bit outside of Toronto for this one but trust me, it's worth it. Gathering your best friends up to bike around while getting drunk is all kinds of fun! 

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6. Give yourself a "bougie day."

Everyone deserves to live on the high end of life at least once in their life! If your budget typically doesn't allow you to splurge all the time, save up to give yourself one day of luxury at these spots! 

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7. Visit Dundas Peak.

It doesn't need to be Dundas Peak specifically if you aren't down for the drive as the Bluffs are another great alternative closer to the city. Though there is nothing cooler than reaching the top of the peak and seeing that frequently Instagrammed view for your own eyes. 

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8. Have a pamper day at Her Majesty's Pleasure

Whether you choose to spend it with your friends, your sister, your mom or even just by yourself, in your 20's you should definitely schedule yourself a day of relaxation. 

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9. Go to a music festival. 

Whether you are checking out Osheaga, NXNE or Field Trip, you can choose to venture to Montreal or stick in the city to get some great line ups when they arrive! If you haven't been to a festival yet, I highly recommend it considering it can end up being one of the greatest times of your life! 

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10. Complete this bucket list of bars in the city. 

Because in your 20's the more excuses you have to go out and drink, the better! 

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11. Try to complete this ice cream map before the weather starts to get really cold. 

Ok so technically it isn't Summer anymore and you may need to wear a glove on the hand you hold ice cream with, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still be eating ice cream! 

12. Try to complete the scariest escape room in Toronto. 

If you're brave enough of course! 

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13. Attempt the Edge walk. 

Once again, try it out if you are brave enough to wear that god awful onesie thing. 

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14. Complete this Instagram couples bucket list (whether you've got an S/O or not)! 

You definitely don't need to have a partner to complete this list, it's fit for partners or best friends! 

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15. Try out all of the crazy foods the city has to offer. 

Toronto is a city full of some pretty insane foods and food combinations that you should definitely make sure to try!

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16. Check out one of these Drive-Ins. 

Drive-Ins are just as cute and fun as the movies make them seem, and you should definitely consider checking one out considering that there are still some open that are playing horror movies! 

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17. Check out all of these notable IG worthy foods in the city (mostly because you want a pic of them). 

Don't get me wrong, all of these foods taste just as good as they look, but you would be lying if you said you weren't mostly visiting the spots to get a good pic! 

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18. Visit an art gallery. 

Whether it's the AGO or one of the pop-up galleries, you should definitely make the trip to one at some point, even if you aren't the biggest fan of art or don't fully understand it! It's a great way to de-stress and support local artists! 

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19. Go to a random local band's show. 

Not only is this a great way to support local artists but you may end up finding a new band to fall in love with! 

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20. Have a fuckboy free night with your best friends. 

Sometimes you just need a break for everything boy-related for at least a few hours! 

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