Winter is officially here, and with it being seen by many as one of the most romantic times of the year, the pressure is on for some couples to coordinate some fun dates! Luckily for you, we've compiled some of the most fun dates that double as the most romantic things you can do around the city with your partner.

Whether you are a more low key and chilled out couple looking for a quiet night out, and a wild and loud couple looking for some big adventures, we've got everything you'll need to have a great Winter with your partner! 

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Rent out one of these cozy spots in Ontario for a romantic weekend away! 

Winter might be a freezing season, but it's also the perfect time to rent out a cozy spot that is perfect for a weekend getaway. Whether you are super stressed out or just want a change of scenery, these spots are adorable and garunteed to please any couple! 

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Grab some ice cream even though it's freezing because you can. 

Who said that ice cream can't be a thing during the Winter?! The Toronto ice cream scene knows no seasonal boundaries and neither should you, so get to adding these spots to your bucketlist! 

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Pop a bottle of champagne or two at Bosk

What better way to cap off a busy week than to sit back and relax at a champagne bar like Bosk. The only struggle you'll have at this spot is deciding how many bottles you'll be drinking! 

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Lace up your skates and check out one of Ontario's secret skating rinks.

What is Winter without ice, and whats a relationship in the colder months without an obligatory skating date? There are a ton of rinks you can choose from, but if you really want to go the extra mile for your partner, take them to one of these secret spots! 

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Warm up from the chilly weather at one of these poutine spots in the city. 

The colder weather can get brutal, but if there is one thing that is guaranteed to warm both you and your partner up, it's a good old-fashioned poutine. Luckily Toronto hosts some of the best poutine spots in Canada that are just waiting for you to visit! 

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Take up a terrarium workshop at Crown Flora Studio

If you and your partner have a green thumb, or even if you don't, then the workshops at Crown Flora are definitely for you! Not only is the studio itself adorable, but the workshops are tons of fun and you end up with a gorgeous terrarium you get to take home! 

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Order the best food from UberEats in your neighbourhood and binge watch these holiday movies.

Who said you've got to go outside to enjoy Winter in the city? Luckily for you, we've compiled the best food spots available on UberEats in neighbourhoods in Toronto to make picking take away easy. Pair your meal with these holiday movies availible on Canadian Netflix and you've got yourself the perfect night in! 

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Get your game on at Snakes and Lattes

Snakes and Lattes is always a fun spot to visit, but it gets even cozier and more welcoming during the chillier months. There is just something about board games in the Winter that is so much more appealing than any other season- so make sure to bring your partner along at some point! 

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Check out these secret bars in Toronto for a low key night out! 

If you and your partner are looking for an adventure or are just tired of visiting the same old spots for drinks, spice up your night life! These secret bars are the perfect way for you to check out new spots you probably didn't even know existed! 

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Try to complete this crazy holiday bucket list to really enjoy the holidays in the city! 

Bucket lists in general are always a fun way to get ideas for date nights or activities in general, but holiday bucket lists are even better! From holiday markets to Christmas tree light maps to other fun things to do, this list has you covered for having the ultimate time this Winter in the city. 

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Work up a sweat by taking a Soulcycle class! 

Who said you can't kill two birds with one stone? If you and your partner want to spend time together but also want to work in some cardio and burn some extra calories, definitely consider Soulcycle! It's a fast paced and fun way to burn off all those hot chocolates you'll be drinking this season! 

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Visit these Christmas markets to get into the holiday spirit!

Nothing screams the holidays more than a good old Christmas market, and luckily for you and your partner, the GTA is swarmed with them! So whether you want to visit some in the downtown core or markets that are happening further ouside of the city, we've got you covered! 

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If you are both students, spruce up your study dates by testing out these unique studying spots.

It can be hard to be a student during this time of year considering you are probably too stressed about finals to actually celebrate the holidays. Luckily, if you and your partner are looking to spice up your study lives, these unique spots are a great way to vamp up your typical study date! 

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Sit in on a stand up comedy show at Bad Dog Theatre

Everybody can do with a good laugh every once in a while, and Bad Dog Theatre is the place to go in the city if you are looking for one. The stand up comedy is insanely great at this spot and it's also a great way for you to simultaeneosly have a great date night and support local Toronto talent! 

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Check out Evergreen Brickwork's Winter Village

Evergreen Brickwork's Winter Village is back again and jam-packed with vendors that make the spot the perfect place to add to your bucketlist. Whether you are grabbing gifts for others or yourselves, this market is a super fun pass time for you and your partner to enjoy together! 

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Try out indoor surfing to help you forget about the chilly weather! 

If you and your partner both hate Winter, this is definitely the activity for you. Considering how unique it is as well, you are sure to surprise and impress your significant other big time, but beware, once you start indoor surfing, it's practically impossible to stop! 

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Stroll through the Winter Wonderland that will be popping up in Ontario Place next month! 

This exciting new feature in the city is arriving in December and is the perfect way for you and your partner to spice up your holidays with a new event. Considering it is taking place at Ontario Place, it's assumed this is going to be a super fun and extravagant event! 

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Warm up by visiting the hot spring at The Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain.

Who doesn't need a little rest and relaxation during the holidays? While the Winter months are full of anticipation for Christmas and New Years, it can also get a bit stressful for most. If you and your partner are looking for the ultimate way to de-stress, look no further than this spot! 

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Channel your inner explorer and climb these frozen waterfalls in Elora.

If you and your partner are serious explorers and are looking for an adrenaline pumping adventure, look no further than this epic experience! Obviously, you'll have to wait until it gets a little colder out but suspense is half of the excitement, right? 

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Go on a brewery weekend road trip!  

Whether you or your partner are a beer snob or not, this is a super fun and unique date idea if you are looking to mix it up a bit! Not only are breweries really cool places to explore in general, but you may just end up finding your new favourite brew! 

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Hit the slopes at Blue Mountain or Horse Shoe Valley. 

If you and your partner love Winter or are just snow bunnies in general, you probably have already scheduled all the visits you'll be making to the ski slopes! 

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Go rock climbing at Boulderz.

Rock climbing is the perfect way to get in a fun activity that doubles as a work out with your bae! Especially if you both enjoy the outdoors but aren't huge fans of the cold weather. 

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