It's not easy working in the public relations industry, especially in Toronto. There is plenty of competition and hard work to keep up with because there is something always going on in the city that needs to be taken care of.

The PR world is quite large in Toronto but there are a few ladies we'd like to recognize in this industry. They've got the class, sass, style, knowledge and everything else in order to manage the reputation of the company they work for.

Through several forms of media and communication, these ladies do everything in order to maintain and bring growth to the PR businesses, and without them, the companies would be incomplete. In no particular order, let's take a look at these 24 Badass PR women get the job done in Toronto:

Adrien Reynolds // @alienreynolds

Faulhaber Communications 

Kate Nishida // @katenishida

Citizen Relations 

Candace Steinhart // @angelcandaces

Punch Canada 

Lisa Kwong // @lisakwong

Pomp & Circumstance

Tori Piccin // @toripiccin

DECK Agency 

Jessica Denomme // @jessicadenomme


Tiffany Skrela // @tiffanyskrela

Duet PR

Amanda Gun-Munro // @agm_pr 


Katherine Flores // @katherinefl0res

Rock-it Promotions 

Natasha Black // @natashaablack

Faulhaber Communications 

 Cait MacLachlan // @caitmaclachlan


Lindsey Soper // @lindseydsoper

Buter PR 

Kathleen McGoldrick // @kathleen_mcgoldrick

Faulhaber Communications 

Jessica Huynh // @jesshuynh

Veritas Communications 

Delaney Cummings // @delaney_cummings

Charming Media 

Alex McGill // @alexjmcgill

The Knot Group 

Samantha McMeekin // @mcmeeks


Jen Rashwan // @j_rash11

Touchwood PR 

Vanessa Bower // @vanessabower

Rock-it Promotions 

Tia Kajah // @tiakaj

Buzz PR

Vanessa Di Marco // @vdimarco_

The Mint Agency 

Alissa Liotti // @alissaliots 

Argyle Public Relationships 

Jasmine Shim // @jasminhrshim 


Gianine Mapula // @gianinered

Buzz PR 

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