Many guys establish a true relationship with the gym and dedicate several hours a week to working out. We don't know exactly what they're doing in order to get these six packs solid, (sit ups can't just be enough) but whatever it is gentlemen, please keep it up.

Whether you're looking for inspiration or simply in need to admire drool worthy hunks, take a look at this list of 29 guys from Toronto that have the perfect abs:

1. David Maher

2. Jake Reid

3. Cory Scott 

via @cbucc_

4. Colby Bucci

5. Barrett Lucak

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

6. Tomash 

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 7. Leroy Alexis 

via @dylansc

8. Dylan Steinberg-Cooper 

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9. Cody Rooney 

via @mainser

10. Mike Mains 

via @seungsamm

11. Alvin Lee 

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12. Colby Rawn

13. Chris Tyler

14. Cameron Geddes 

via @garrettmma

15. Garrett Xian

16. Gabriel Montoya 

via @goebsy92

17. Braedon Goebel 

via @tyhopkinsfitness

18. Ty Hopkins

19. Mohab Elnahas

20. Liam Grimes 

via @ronsworlds

21. Ron 

via @undefined

22. Shady El Nahas 

via @tha6king

23. @the6king

24. Braden Hendrickson 

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25. Conor Mcnamee

via @mishac911

26. Misha Cirkunov 

via @jordaddesi

27. Jordan Addesi 

via @djayscombattraining

28. D-Jay 

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