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We already know that people come from all over the world to attend Toronto's top Universities, it's a given. There are a few things we think everyone should know about before they make the big move for the next 4 or more years. If you don't hear it from us, you'll learn it all on your own, and quickly.

1. Vintage Shopping Comes Highly Recommended

Everyone does it, it saves you a ton of money.

2. People Don't Care About How Much Better Your Home Team Is Than Theirs

They don't want to hear it, You conform or you keep quiet.

3. You're Going To Need To Develop A Way Thicker Skin

The people of Toronto are tough and they won't stay for wimps.

4. The TTC Is Not Reliable & You Should Always Leave Early

But you never will & you'll always be late.

5. Different Is Good

In fact, the more 'different' you are, the more you'll fit in.

6. You're Going To Start Knowing A Lot More About Beer

Because it is actually a conversation topic here, who knew?

7. You're Going To See A Lot More 'Performances'

Meaning concerts, plays, art shows, homeless people performing for money, it's not all good but it's all interesting.

8. You'll Need To Do More Walking

The TTC isn't as wide spread as you may like so invest in some 'walking' shoes.

9. You Don't Need That License So Much Anymore

Driving isn't all that big in the city.

10. Your Opinions Are Important And About To Get Stronger

People will challenge them and they want you to be able to hold your own.

11. Toronto loves Tinder

Join at your own risk.

12. Healthy Eating is Something People Say Is Important To Them

Juicing, raw food restaurants, vegan grocery stores, people want to love it.

13. People Eat A Lot Of Crappy Food

But eating Mcdonald's between classes is just more convenient.

14. You'll Meet Someone At Your School Who Is Kind Of "A Celebrity"

We use the term very loosely but everyone knows someone who has been on Degrassi.

15.  Working For Free Is A Thing

Apparently interning is a requirement for most programs.

16. Toronto Has A Lot Of Free Spirits

The most beautifully wild people seem to live in Toronto.

17. People Will Judge You Based On Your Coffee Order

Find it. Memorize it. Perfect it.

18. People Here Care A Lot About Burritos

There are seriously way more choices than necessary.

19. Extreme Couponing Is Alive & Well

(most) Students in this city operate hella' good on a budget.

20. What Resting Bitch Face Is

Everyone has one, it's just about making it your own.

21. Street Meat Is Your Frenemy

Friend because its cheap and easily accessible, Enemy because, well let us know how you feel after you finish it.

22. You Can't Donate To Everyone Who Asks

Between all the campus organizations, charities, fundraisers, etc you will be broke fast.

23. Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens is Disneyland Disney World For Students

They have literally everything, even an LCBO and a Joe Fresh.

24. People Actually Do Enjoy Baseball

So it's not just for debauchery and heckling?

25. The Raptors Are A Bigger Deal Than The Leafs To Some

Especially when they are having a killer season.

26. Rent Is a Bitch

Like Kristen Wiig said ^

27. Your Money Won't Last Very Long Here

Ibid. 26.

28. You'll Never Get A Snow Day

See here

29. People In Toronto Are Smart & Competition Is Fierce

It's a beautiful thing. Embrace it.

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