As someone who has lived in more than one Canadian city in their life, I can honestly say that Toronto is super overrated. Sure, it's the largest Canadian city, is home to over 8,100 restaurants and bars and has the second largest transportation system in North America.

That may seem impressive to some, but trust me it definitely isn't. Toronto has a rep for having beautiful weather in the summer and super fun activities to fill your days, but if you're planning on visiting here in the summer months you should definitely think again.

There's literally nothing fun to see or do here and these are the reason to prove it!

32. There's literally nothing pretty about our waterfront, like literally nothing.

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Why It Sucks: I mean, Sugar Beach is pretty ugly right? All there is is cute pink umbrellas, comfy chairs and a view of the bright sparkling water. Nothing special about that!

31. There's no festivals here in the summer at all.

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Why It Sucks: The summers in Toronto are clearly super dull. A massive festival like Pride almost every week? That's definitely not enough to keep us entertained.

30. There's no cute, historical areas to explore anywhere.

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Why It Sucks: The Distillery District is full of original 19th century buildings, cobble stone paths and tons of shops, restaurants an cafes. But there's nothing cute or romantic about it, right?

29. The summer activities here are really nothing special.

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Why It Sucks: Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a pretty popular activity on Lake Ontario but the view is really nothing special. Who would want to spend their afternoon doing that?

28. The ice cream options here are pretty bland.

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Why It Sucks: Things like pitch black ice cream, donut cone ice cream and bubble waffle ice creams are not appealing in the slightest!

27. Oh and the milkshakes look so disgusting.

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Why It Sucks: There's tons of different shops in Toronto that are trying to make crazy milkshakes that are also delicious. But that doesn't look delicious at all right?

26. Our end of summer fair is small and super boring.

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Why It Sucks: The CNE is probably the most boring part of summer in Toronto. The fair games, insane food creations and crazy rides are anything but fun.

25. The architecture in Toronto is pretty meh.

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Why It Sucks: Walking around downtown Toronto you definitely won't run into any breathtaking architecture. The buildings really aren't that impressive like Toronto's Gooderham Building above.

24. There's nowhere nice to cool off by the pool in Toronto.

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Why It Sucks: There's a few different rooftop pools in Toronto that are offer mediocre views of the city skyline. This one here is the Thompson Toronto and I definitely would never, ever go there to cool off in the summer.

23. The street art in the city is nothing special.

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Why It Sucks: There's this place called Graffiti Alley in Toronto that's all mural-filled walls. It's definitely a terrible place to take photos and you should just avoid it all-together.

22. There's literally nowhere fun to drink here in the summer.

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Why It Sucks: The Porch is a popular spot in Toronto for drinks in the summer because it offers awful views of the CN Tower. You even have to drink out of buckets and that's lame!

21. There's no cute spots to take pictures anywhere.

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Why It Sucks: Toronto has more than one sign with it's name on it now and they definitely don't offer good backdrops for photos. I mean, who wants a picture with a 'Toronto' sign and the backdrop of the skyline?

20. The coffee here is so boring and there's no such thing as latte art.

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Why It Sucks: Toronto is full of unique cafes located around every corner in the city. Unfortunately, none of them know how to make pretty latte art, like Versus Coffee here!

19. The malls here are small and run down.

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Why It Sucks: Our malls should definitely be avoided at all costs. The Eaton Centre and the Yorkdale Mall are both super small and aren't pretty at all!

18. There's no good sports games to go to in the summer.

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Why It Sucks: Toronto has no pride for their local sports teams and there's never any home games going on! The Blue Jays never play under and an open-sky dome and it's definitely not exciting at all.

17. Our parks are super boring.

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Why It Sucks: All of our parks are literally so boring. High Park has it's own zoo, cherry blossoms in May and cute ponds but other than that there's nothing to see there at all.

16. There's no unique areas anywhere in this city.

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Why It Sucks: Kensington Market is cool and everything but there's no way you could ever call it unique. Doesn't every single city have a market area just like this one?

15. The patios here are literally the worst.

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Why It Sucks: The summer time is meant for patios! The weather is perfect but clearly Toronto's patio scene is nothing special whatsoever. This patio at Chula Restaurant doesn't have any colour or excitement going on in the summer.

14. Our rooftop patios are even worse though!

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Why It Sucks: Lavelle's summer rooftop patio literally has nothing going on. A pool, a full bar and views of the CN Tower are 3 things you definitely don't want to experience in the summer.

13. There's nowhere nice to see the sunset over the city.

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Why It Sucks: Clearly, there's nowhere in the entire city to watch the sunset over the skyline. I mean, Polson Pier is great and all but the view is definitely not worth it.

12. The Toronto Islands are not at all serene.

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Why It Sucks: Clearly when you make the ferry trek over to the Toronto Island there's literally nothing to see or do there. It's noisy, crowded with people and you can't get a second of peace to enjoy the nature around you.

11. The ice cream sandwiches here look terrible.

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Why It Sucks: You can get anything from cinnamon bun ice cream sandwiches, churro ice cream sandwiches and cookie ice cream sandwiches here in Toronto. But all of that sounds honestly disgusting!

10. Also, the Caesar's here are not appealing at all.

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Why It Sucks: You can tell by this picture that there's literally no good caesar's anywhere in Toronto. If you're looking for a caesar topped with all kinds of crazy foods, go elsewhere!

9. There's no such thing as nature here.

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Why It Sucks: Clearly our Botanical Gardens are nothing special whatsoever. There's barely any nature to explore here!

8. The Queen West area is so ugly and boring.

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Why It Sucks: The Queen West area was voted by Vogue as the second coolest neighbourhood in the world but we're no they're so wrong. There's no cool shops, street murals or restaurants to explore here.

7. You'll be bored stiff if you visit our aquarium.

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Why It Sucks: There's literally nothing interesting to see or do at the Ripley's Aquarium. An underwater tunnel with sharks and fish swimming around you? Yeah, that's super boring.

6. You'll be hard pressed to find a good lunch spot.

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Why It Sucks: Everyone knows Toronto has only like 3 good restaurants in the entire city. Walk down any street in Toronto and you definitely won't see at least 10 amazing restaurants to choose from.

5. And brunch food? Yeah, no such thing!

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Why It Sucks: If you visit Toronto, you should know that there's literally no such thing as brunch food. If you were looking to get a cute Instagram of your fancy avocado toast, thing again!

4. Parks with a view of the city don't exist here.

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Why It Sucks: There's clearly no parks in the city that offer a stunning view of the city skyline year-round. Riverdale Park is probably the worst park in the city for that.

3. There's absolutely nothing to see outside of the downtown area.

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Why It Sucks: The east end of Toronto is literally barren. The Scarborough Bluffs are clearly not a beautiful natural destination in the city. If you're going to see something cool your only bet is to stay downtown.

2. Everyone in Toronto hates to party.

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Why it Sucks: If you thought you were going to find some cool places to party in the city, think again! The Cabana Pool Bar is definitely a lame spot in summer, nothing even happens there.

1. You won't see anything nice walking on the Beaches Boardwalk.

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Why It Sucks: The Beaches has nothing pretty to look at. Walk along the boardwalk and you won't see anything but sparkling water, cute lighthouses and beach volleyball games.

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