Want to explore the awesome city you live in and get super drunk at the same time? Yes please. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the city gets to be too much and all you want to do is curl up right there on the subway with a bottle of wine, and Drake blaring through your headphones. There is a better way to beat the stress of life in the 6ix.  These pub crawls are a fun way to escape your problems, or at least drink until you forget them. They're all on foot, so you're not spending valuable shot money on the TTC. So grab your squad, pick a route, and get crawling! Enjoy responsibly!

1. Queen West Is Best

There are two things that are true about Queen West: it's a great place to shop and drink. There's tons of bars within a few blocks of each other making it easy to stumble from bar to bar quickly without having to waste valuable booze money on the TTC. Right in the heart of downtown, Queen is a popular choice for students and businesspeople alike! This crawl has so many bars you'll literally be crawling to the next one, not to mention more live music venues than tequila shots. Start at Yonge street and crawl your way down to Bathurst!

1. It's not a pub crawl without Firkin Pub. Start off with a pint at Friar and Firkin Pub.

2. Keep heading West to Black Bull Tavern for a drink on the patio.

3. The Rivoli to rock out to some new bands.

4. Head to Horse Shoe Tavern for a pitcher.

5. The Cameron for a beer and more live music.

6. Continue rocking out down the street to The Hideout. 

7. Sip on some craft beer at Tequila Bookworm.  

8. Walk over to Tattoo Rock Parlour for some shots.

9. Finish off this hike - if you can - at The Dog's Bollocks and rest those feet!

Photo cred - Brendan Lynch

2. The Ryerson After-School Special

Cheers to the weekend! It's Friday night and you've just managed to survive yet another week of school. That's cause for celebration. Grab some celebratory shots at one of the many bars surrounding this downtown campus; there are plenty of options nearby that are cheap enough that support the broke student life. Grab some classmates and go do what university students do best, drink.

1. Start your night off right on campus by grabbing a Billy at the Ram In The Rye.

2. Head down the street to Imperial Pub.

3. Walk over to Yonge Street and hit up the Firkin on Yonge. 

4. Head up to Gerrard to play some pool at the VIP Lounge.

5. W Burger Bar for some $2.50 shots and fish bowls.

6. Mick E Fynn's to watch the game (you save 10% if you're wearing Rams gear).

7. Head back up Yonge and end the night off with a Karaoke party at Bar + when you'll be too drunk to care how you sound.

3.  The Bloor Street Booze Ball

The Annex is known by all as 'hipster central'. This quirky area is home to many bars, clubs, and the majority of Toronto's student population. From dance floors to music venues, The Annex has you covered. Head to Bathurst Station and work your way up to Spadina. Everywhere is within a few feet of the next stop, no TTC needed. So ditch the heels and get your walking shoes on - your feet will thank you.

1. Start your night off with a little Cards Against Humanity and a pint at Snakes and Lattes. 

2. Head on over to The Central  for some live bands and Mini Pitchers ( The Red Lantern is the best)

3. Do some shots and dance like nobody's watching to some old school hits at Dance Cave.  

4. Head up Brunswick Avenue to The Green Room to rest up from all that dancing with a tall boy on their cute garden patio.

5. The Brunny is a must. Walk back over Bloor to The Brunswick House for a birthday ski shot. After all, it's somebody's birthday somewhere.

6. By this point, all of that walking has probably got you hungry. Stop at El Furniture Warehouse and grab some food for under $5! Don't forgot to get a Sour Key Cocktail (it actually tastes like candy).

7. Finally, trek up Madison Avenue to The Madison House, and dance the rest of your night away on one of it's 5 floors! Do some final shots and congratulate yourself on a crawl well done.

4.  The Party Rockin' ...Horse Crawl

This one's for the ultimate party animals. These bars and clubs are the best of the best and some of Toronto favourites. No TTC required, all these spots are walking distance from each other, and the rest of the downtown core. This lengthy list will have you super drunk, and super tired by the end of the night.

1. Start the night off at the hole in the wallWide Open, with some cheap whiskey sours.

2. Walk over to Mercer Street to Maison Mercer, for a live DJ and some tequila shots.

3. Trek South to John Street to play a game of bowling at The Ballroom.

4. After striking-out at The Ballroom, head to Cabin 5 for a cottage experience in the city - and more beer.

5. Join the lineup at Bar 244, and dance along to the DJ's beats.

6. Stumble down the street to Grace O'Malley's and join the regular Gracie's crowd in some rounds of shots.

7. Getting tired yet? Drag yourself up to Adelaide West and relax on Crocodile Rock's rooftop patio.

8. Almost there! Walk down the street to The Rock 'n' Horse Saloon to ride the bull!

Now you're probably literally crawling, crawl on over to Pearl Street and hit up:

9. Fiction

10. Tequila Jacks for one final shot!

Did you survive?

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