It's officially not only just Winter, but the holiday season! Meaning there is a ton to do around the city with your partner. From tree lightings and other holiday themed events to Christmas markets and new restaurant openings, there are endless activities popping up all over the city every day! This time of the year is especially fun if you've got a significant other to accompany you through all your holiday drink, market and food endeavours this season.

So whether you are looking for a romantic place for dinner, an adrenaline filled night out, cheap dates or just fun things to do with your partner in general, look no further! We've got the top spots for you to check out with the person you love during the best time of the year! From markets or go karting to the best restos in the city, get ready to create the ultimate Winter bucket list for you and your bae!

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Go Bowling at Ballroom Bowl.

What's more romantic than hitting a few pins and grabbing some pints? Not only is Ballroom Bowl a great place to fit in a few rounds of bowling, but they've got a great menu of staple bar eats and drinks that make the space the perfect place to spend the night!

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Lace up your skates at Nathan Phillips Square!

With the rink now officially open as of today, there is practically nothing more romantic during the holiday season than taking your partner out skating under the lights and by the city's Christmas tree.

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Stay in and binge watch these holiday movies.

Who says you've got to go out into the cold to have a good night? Swap your plans to go out with a night in watching these classic holiday movies to keep warm and still have fun this Winter!

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Go to Crown Flora's wreath workshop and design your very own holiday wreath!

Whether you and your partner have a green thumb or not, this is a super fun way to get into the holiday spirit and make something that will actually last longer than a gingerbread house! Not only is Crown Flora a cool spot in general considering it's practically an indoor forest, but any kind of workshop with your partner is guaranteed to be a fun time filled with laughs!

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Bounce around to you heart's content at Skyzone.

Mix cardio and your date night together! Skyzone is a great idea if both you and your partner are constantly hyper and full of energy that you are looking to burn off by bouncing around on trampolines for a few hours!

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Dance the night away at Solaris!

This may not be everyone's cup of tea but if you or your partner is an EDM lover, you definitely may want to consider heading over to Solaris!

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Get active at Pursuit OCR!

Looking to channel your inner kid? Pursuit OCR is practically a massive jungle gym dedicated to adults. With 10,000 square feet of obstacles and ball pits, it's a great date option and even better of an option as a double date!

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Race at 401 Mini Indy!

If you and your partner tend to get a bit competitive, this is a great date idea! You can race it out to your hearts content in the fastest go karts in the city along some great indoor courses.

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Grab dinner at one of these boujee spots.

Toronto is home to a crazy amount of restaurants in general, and just as many expensive and classy spots. So whether you are looking for Italian, Spanish or Asian cuisine, this list will surely point you in the right direction.

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Indulge in some high tea at the Ritz.

Who doesn't love to warm up from the cold with a hot cup of tea and some finger food? Take the experience a step in the more boujee-er direction by choosing the Ritz as the venue to enjoy your high tea at for the ultimate classy experience.

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Visit Casa Loma's celebration of 150 years of Christmas at "Canadian Winter Nights."

Casa Loma is the regal spot in the city, so what better way to have a classy Christmas than to celebrate by visiting the classiest spot in the city? The celebration is sure to be massive this year considering they are celebrating 150 years, so it definitely is an event you won't want to miss out on.

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Sit in on a Raptors game... courtside of course.

The Raptors are on fire this season so it's definitely the perfect time to catch a game before tickets start to get really pricey. If you are looking for a classy experience at the ACC, make sure your visit is definitely one that's courtside- maybe you'll see a familiar rapper sitting next to you!

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Fulfill your sweet tooth cravings at MoRoCo Chocolat.

Moroco Chocolat is the place to grab some classy treats. Their old location used to be in Yorkville so you already know they were well accustomed to serving some boujee clientele. From polar bear macarons to their insane hot chocolate creations, look no further for a classy spot that will satisfy your cravings!

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Rest and relax at the Old Mill Spa.

Everybody needs a spa day one in a while, why not visit with your partner! Whether you are getting  a couples massage or are enjoying different treatments the spa has to offer, this spot is the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

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Channel your inner Picasso at the Paintlounge.

What's sounds classier than a date oriented around painting? It may not actually be the classiest date considering your painting most likely won't hold a candle to Picasso, but it definitely is a fun one- and sounds pretty classy!

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Go on a Helitour to see some serious views of the city.

Take getting a good shot of the city's skyline to the next level by taking your pursuit for the perfect shot of the city to the next level- literally! This is a super classy and romantic way to spend some time with your partner while enjoying some insane views.

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Toboggan at Riverdale Park.

Once the snow hits, this is the perfect free activity to do over and over again with your partner! Regardless of how old you are, tobogganing literally never gets old and is just as fun as it was when you were a kid!


Use this map to check out all of the Christmas light displays across the city!

Toronto is home to some pretty insane displays during the holiday season. From massive Christmas trees to extravagant lighting displays, it can seem impossible to be able to view them all before the holiday season is over. Luckily this map can help you check out all the coolest spots around the city that get decked out once December hits!

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Head over to DJ Skate Nights once they hit the Harbourfront Centre this Winter!

DJ Skate Nights are nearly back for the Winter season, and we can't wait! What's better than taking your partner out for a night of skating by the Harbourfront while enjoying some music!?

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Have a snowball fight at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

If you and your partner love a good competition or are just looking for a fun and easy time, start a snowball fight in the park! Not only is it free but its a great way to work up a sweat before grabbing some food.

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Visit the AGO.

The AGO's Guillermo exhibit is still around and is definitely something you should visit it you haven't already. Though if you are looking for a cheaper experience at the gallery, you can visit the equally as incredible main exhibits on any given Wednesday after 6pm for free!

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Visit Distillery's Toronto Christmas Market.

If you want to visit the holiday market but are on a budget, fear not! The market is actually free during weekdays so as long as you plan your visit during the week, you don't have to worry about paying admission!

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Visit the window displays at Saks and Hudson's Bay.

Saks Fifth Avenue and Hudson's Bay did not come to play this holiday season. Their insane window displays in preparation for the holiday season are definitely worth checking out with your partner.. and a hot chocolate in hand!

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The Faraway From Nearby: Photo Gallery @ Ryerson Image Centre //  Sept. 13-Dec. 10

If you are looking for another gallery to check out in the city apart from the AGO that won't cost you, check out Ryerson's own photo gallery. The event runs until December 10th so you'll have to act fast and visit ASAP if you want to check it out.

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Where: 633 King St W

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If you are looking for some incredible Italian in an even more incredibly designed space, look no further than Oretta! They serve up some great options whether you are looking for the perfect pasta dish to warm you up or a delicious charcuterie board.


Cheesecake Factory

Where: 3401 Dufferin St

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Cheesecake Factory is now officially open to the public! This is the perfect opportunity for you to spice up a classic movie/dinner date night considering you can catch a movie then grab something from the iconic American chain's crazy menu!


Blue Blood

Where: 1 Austin Terrace

via @blueblood_steakhouse

via @blueblood_steakhouse

If you are looking for a more classy setting and you and your partner love a good steak, look no further than Blue Blood! The new steak house can be found inside Casa Loma so you already know that the interior is absolutely gorgeous and that the food will be well worth the price.


Bar Raval

Where: 505 College

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Bar Raval is the perfect place to go if you and your parter are a fan of ordering  a ton of appetizers whenever you go out or are just into tapas. Inside arguably one of the coolest bars of Toronto design wise, they've got tons of Spanish dishes that will definitely have your water watering!


Noce Toronto

Where: 875 Queen St W

via @nocetoronto

via @nocetoronto

Noce isn't just a restaurant that is all about Italian food, but they are dedicated to serving the freshest dishes possible in efforts to pay homage to their roots! They've got three different rooms with different vibes that make for the perfect options depending on what you are looking for. From the chic and mid-century designed Queen West Room to the Distillery District inspired Tuscany Room and the eccentric Octopus Lounge, whichever space you choose in guaranteed to be a great choice filled with incredible food!


416 Snack Bar

Where: 181 Bathurst St

via @416snackbar

via @416snackbar

416 Snack Bar is another great spot if you and your partner love tapas styled spaces or are just obsessed with finger food. Their small dish sizes make it the perfect place if you are looking to eat through an entire menu without a fork and knife!


El Catrin

Where: 18 Tank House Lane

via @elcatrinca

via @elcatrinca

Located in the Distillery District, El Catrin is the perfect place to grab some food before or after hitting the holiday market up this holiday season! While they are known for their incredible tacos, you don't have to pigeon hole yourself seeing as they've got some equally delicious dishes flooding their menu!



Where: 100 Cumberland St

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If you want a true boujee experience for your partner, look no further than Sassafraz. From their extensive cocktail and martini menu to their French-Canadian inspired menu items that are sure to get your stomach rumbling, it's the ultimate place to treat the one you love!


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Check out these bars that serve up some cheap drinks!

Toronto has some of the best dive bars with some crazy drink deals that will surely make you double take. Luckily we've got you covered with this list that showcases the best drink deals everyday of the week!

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Go snow tubing at Chicopee Park!

Whether you ski or snowboard or not, snow tubing is a Winter essential. At Chicopee Park you can race down the massive hill to your hearts content with your partner all day and night long!

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Go to SPIN for a night of ping pong and pints!

If you and your partner want to spice up a typical night out for drinks, check out SPIN! Whether you make it a double date or not it's a ton of fun to play a few rounds of ping pong in between pints!

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Escape the cold by visiting Allan Gardens.

If you are already dreaming of a tropical vacation with the cold weather starting to hit but don't have the ability to jet off right now, you can escape the cold right here in Toronto! Allan Gardens serves as the perfect warm and tropical haven that can act as a temporary haven from the cold for you and your partner.

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Check out any of the exhibits at the Aga Khan Museum

If you and your partner love a good museum or are just looking for a tranquil date, Aga Khan is the place to visit. Their admission won't cost you a dime on Wednesdays from 4-8PM which makes it practically the perfect cheap date.

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Use this map to check out all the sick street art around the city!

It might be getting chilly but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bundle up and still enjoy how pretty the city can get in the Winter! Use this map to visit some of the coolest street art the city has in the snow this Winter for a unique date day!

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Peruse through the St. Lawrence Market.

St. Lawrence Market is the perfect way to spend a lazy day with your partner just scoping out the scene. Whether you are looking for fresh eats or want to check out some of their holiday events, it's a fool proof date idea!

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Eat at one of these cheap eat spots.

The Toronto food scene is insane, and luckily there are just as many cheap delicious eats as there are pricey ones. So make sure to keep this list in mind when you and your partner are getting hungry but don't want to break the bank!

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