We all know that struggle when the weekend is about to roll around and we have to decide on a new restaurant/bar to hit up with our friends. You'll spend hours in the group chat trying to figure out what everyone is feeling like until you finally land on the restaurant/bar that you always go to.

Sometimes it's just the easiest thing to go to the place that you faithfully have a good time at every weekend. But once in a while it's nice to switch it up completely and try something out of your element.

There's surprisingly a HUGE amount of themed restaurants and bars in the city, each offering something cool and unique that you can't find anywhere else! I honestly mean surprising when I say it because while writing this article I discovered an amazing amount of crazy bars and restaurants I had no idea even existed here in Toronto.

So, send this list to your crew's group chat and choose your favourites to check out this weekend and every single weekend after that!

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The Lockhart

Where: 1479 Dundas St W // Little Portugal

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Theme: Harry Potter

Why You Should Go: I think at this point most people have heard of this Harry Potter themed bar but if you haven't gone, you need to ASAP! Try any one of their unique cocktails, sharing plates for dinner or brunch items.


Poop Cafe

Where: 706 Bloor St W // The Annex

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Theme: Poop

Why You Should Go: This is probably the most unique themed restaurant in all of Toronto. It serves Asian inspired desserts in actual toilets! All the decorations around the restaurant is poop themed too.


See Scape

Where: 2840 Dundas St W // The Junction

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Theme: Sci-fi

Why You Should Go: This bar is a sci-fi lovers haven! They have all kinds of boardgames, consoles and exciting events all around the sci-fi theme. They're a bar/cafe serving everything from alcohol to tea and coffee.


Medieval Times

Where: 10 Dufferin St // Exhibition Place

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Theme: Medieval

Why You Should Go: This was one of the coolest places when I was a kid, honestly so much fun! Watch medieval jousting competitions while you enjoy a medieval feast like a royal with giant turkey legs.


Track & Field Bar

Where: 860 College St // Little Italy

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Theme: Lawn games

Why You Should Go: This is a super fun bar located in the West End of Toronto. They have great drinks, great music and fun games to entertain you and your squad. They have a few different bocce ball lanes that are available to reserve every weekend!



Where: 620 Church St // Yorkville

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Theme: Darkness

Why You Should Go: This unique dining experiences offers a completely dark restaurant where blind waiters serve the customers. They offer amazing service that guides customers through their dinner while they experience what it's truly like to live without sight.


SPiN Toronto

Where: 461 King St W // King West

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Theme: Ping Pong

Why You Should Go: This bar brings two awesome things together: alcohol and ping pong. It's Toronto's best ping pong bar that is the perfect place for a competitive crew looking to have a good time on the weekend.



Where: 8-225 Sterling Rd // Brockton Village

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Theme: Molecular innovations

Why You Should Go: This cool interactive lab allows you to attend a class that teaches you how to create cool molecular food innovations! Learn how to make things like edible helium balloons, flavour-filled clouds and flash-frozen liquid nitrogen ice cream!


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Chill Ice House

Where: 82 Bathurst St // Entertainment District

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Theme: Ice

Why You Should Go: Doesn't drinking inside an all ice palace/bar sound like a winter wonderland dream? Everything inside this bar is made of ice, including the cups! Drink cocktails, dance to chill DJ music and have a chilly time at this unique bar in the city.


Pravda Vodka Bar

Where: 44 Wellington St E // Old Toronto

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Theme: Vodka

Why You Should Go: This soviet-themed bar is everything you need for a wild night out in Toronto. They serve a huge amount of different kinds of vodkas and a fun atmosphere for people to dance and have a good time.


The Shameful Tiki Room

Where: 1378 Queen St W // Parkdale

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Theme: Tropical tiki

Why You Should Go: If you're looking for a way to escape to a tropical island without leaving the city, this is the place to do it. They have massive, fruity drinks and a dark ambiance where you can dance and party your night away.


Guu Izakaya

Where: 1314 Queen St W // Parkdale

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Theme: Japanese dinner and a show

Why You Should Go: This Japanese restaurant in the city isn't your average dining experience. Expect to dine at communal tables and be greeted with shouts throughout the meal! It's a fun and exciting place to have a delicious meal.


Famous Last Words

Where: 392 Pacific Ave // High Park North

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Theme: Books

Why You Should Go: This cute bar in the west end is a book-themed bar where every drink is named after a famous novel! The interior also feels like you're sitting in a little reading nook.


Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse

Where: 95 Danforth Ave // Rosedale

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Theme: Brazilian entertainment

Why You Should Go: This exciting restaurant serves up some delicious Brazilian steaks where they're sliced right at your table! On the weekends they have live entertainment with fun and talented Brazilian dancers.


Pretty Ugly Bar

Where: 1237 Queen St W // Parkdale

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Theme: Wu-Tang Mezcal bar

Why You Should Go: This cute bar on the west side probably makes some of the best cocktails you'll ever have. They also have a fully Wu-Tang themed washroom to add to the fun atmosphere of the bar.


The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc

Where: 49 Front St E // Old Toronto

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Theme: French-Moroccan

Why You Should Go: This fun restaurant serves food with an amazing French-Moroccan flare! Enjoy a delicious meal while belly dancers shimmy past your table.


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Riddle Room

Where: 579 Yonge St // Church and Wellesley

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Theme: Escape room cafe

Why You Should Go: This fun cafe offers tons of board games to play with friends and an exciting escape room game! Challenge your minds and your patience at this cool concept cafe.


Black Dice Cafe

Where: 1574 Dundas St W // Brockton Village

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Theme: Japanese Rockabilly

Why You Should Go: This unique bar in Toronto is definitely something to tell your friends about. It's a Japanese bar serving beers, sake and whiskey's with a rockabilly theme including jukebox tunes and old style decor.


School Restaurant

Where: 70 Fraser Ave // Liberty Village

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Theme: High school

Why You Should Go: This delicious breakfast spot in Liberty Village serves amazing foods like pancakes, fried chicken and waffles, cheesy french toast and so much more! They also gave their menu a twist by adding a school theme to it.


Rock n' Horse Saloon

Where: 250 Adelaide St W // Downtown Toronto

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Theme: Country

Why You Should Go: This is one of Toronto's most popular country bars for obvious reasons. They play all your favourite country hits, serve up the best beers and have bull riding!



Where: 137 Avenue Rd // Yorkville

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Theme: Superhero

Why You Should Go: This restaurant has everything to do with superheroes! All your favourite comic book characters make an appearance in this fun spot that serves tapas and drinks!



Where: 159 Augusta Ave // Kensington Market

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Theme: Bikes

Why You Should Go: This unique bar in Kensington Market is bound to lead to a fun filled night. They have DJs and live music every weekend, fun bike decor and great beer and snacks!


Tilt Bar

Where: 296 Brunswick Ave // The Annex

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Theme: Arcade

Why You Should Go: This arcade bar in the exciting area of Toronto's Annex is a fun way to spend your weekend nights. Play classic pinball games and enjoy amazing drinks with your friends.


Get Well

Where: 1181 Dundas St W // Trinity Bellwoods

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Theme: Vintage game room

Why You Should Go: This cool spot in the west end of Toronto offers something completely unique to other bars. They have a vintage inspired decor, old arcade games and pizza so you can feel like your fun teenage self again.


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Stones Place

Where: 1255 Queen St W // Parkdale

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Theme: Rolling Stones

Why You Should Go: This laid back bar offers a chill place to grab drinks and listen to great music with your friends. Their walls are covered in Rolling Stones memorabilia and it also has a dance floor!


The Ballroom Bowl

Where: 145 John St // Downtown Toronto

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Theme: Bowling alley

Why You Should Go: This spot is definitely unique in Toronto. On the bottom floor they have a huge bowling alley, but on the top floor there's a lively club that's super popular every weekend.


Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre

Where: 2026 Yonge St // Yonge and Eglinton

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Theme: Murder mystery

Why You Should Go: This is the perfect restaurant to go to if you were a big fan of the game 'Clue' when you were younger. They stage a murder mystery during your 3 course meal that adds excitement and fun to the evening!


Her Majesty's Pleasure

Where: 556 King St W // King West

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Theme: Upscale pampering

Why You Should Go: This upscale beauty bar offers fancy cocktails while you get pampered in style. Order a glass of champagne while you wait for your manicure, pedicure, blowout or waxing appointment in their chic space!


Nightowl Toronto

Where: 647 College St // Dufferin Grove

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Theme: Games and music

Why You Should Go: This lively Toronto bar features some super fun stuff on the weekends. They always have amazing live music, great boozy floats and other drinks, and arcade games!


Arriba Restaurant

Where: 1 Blue Jays Way // Old Toronto

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Theme: Blue Jays

Why You Should Go: This restaurant offers a bird's eye view of the action going on in the Rogers stadium. Get a chance to watch the Blue Jays game and eat an amazing meal at this unique spot.


El Rey Mezcal Bar

Where: 2a Kensington Ave // Kensington Market

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Theme: Tequila

Why You Should Go: This Kensington Market favourite is the best place to go if you love tequila. They have a wide selection of amazing tequila and cocktails to choose from in a unique and fun atmosphere.


Pray Tell

Where: 838 College St // Little Italy

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Theme: Indoor garden

Why You Should Go: This bar is the sister location to Track & Field bar and they serve up drinks, dinner, snacks and brunch! Enjoy their incredibly green space with walls filled to the brim with plants.


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Good Fortune Bar

Where: 130 Eglinton Ave E // Yonge and Eglinton

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Theme: Unconventional drinks

Why You Should Go: Not only is the interior of this bar totally gorgeous, they also make a menu full of unique and unconventional drinks. Try their boozy milkshakes, jello shots, boozy slushies and so much more!


Dolly's Mojito Bar & Panciteria

Where:  ​​​​​​1285 Bloor St W // Junction Triangle

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Theme: Filipino diner/mojito bar

Why You Should Go: This new bar/restaurant in the Junction Triangle is the perfect place to go if you love Filipino food and mojitos! They play amazing music while you sit in these cute diner themed seats.



Where: 552 College St // Little Italy

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Theme: Game bar

Why You Should Go: This is a similar bar to the popular game bar, Track & Field! They offer fun games like cornhole, air hockey and more. You can also get amazing drinks and listen to great music with your friends if you're not interested in the games area.


Oak Island

Where: 121 Ossington Ave // Little Portugal

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Theme: Island vibes

Why You Should Go: This bar on Ossington is already in the prime location for cool, hip vibes. Their theme also adds a feeling of island vibes with their leafy wallpaper!


Power Up Bar

Where: 38 Wellington St E // Old Toronto

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Theme: Gaming bar

Why You Should Go: This super unique spot in Toronto's downtown area is the perfect place for gamers to congregate. They have 7 gaming pods, 4 gaming stations and games available at each table! They also have tons of amazing food and cocktails to enjoy while you're there.


Crews and Tangos

Where: 508 Church St // Downtown Toronto

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Theme: Drag queen bar

Why You Should Go: Drag queen shows are the epitome of a crazy fun time, so if you haven't been to one now's your chance! They also have karaoke nights, DJs and a dance floor.



Where: 1221 Bay St // Yorkville

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Theme: Vegan/sustainability

Why You Should Go: This forward thinking restaurant gives you a gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing space to enjoy your vegan/vegetarian meal in! They're all about making conscious, sustainable and health forward choices which is an amazingly admirable feat.


The Addisons Residence

Where: 456 Wellington St W // King West

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Theme: House party

Why You Should Go: This unique club downtown is designed to look like a really nice house! Boxes of pizza are passed around the club all night, drinks are made at the home bar and there's games like foosball and more! It will make you feel like you're at an actual house the entire night.


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