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Being a stoner in Toronto isn't easy. Everyone wants to go out all the time, and you just want to stay at home with your Netflix. This gets even harder in the winter, when there's even less motivation to leave the house. But it gets worse! Here are all of the ways that Toronto makes stoner life hard.

1. It still isn't legal

Somehow, America is beating us on the legalization game, which is not cool.

2. You're always surrounded by go-getters

Toronto is a fast-paced city full of achievers. There's really no space for lazy stoners in the culture.

3. Life's expensive

The ideal life for a stoner involves spending a lot of your time hanging out, eating junk food, and watching shitty movies. This is damn near impossible in a city where you have to be working constantly to pay rent.

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4. Toronto does not know how to do the Super Bowl up

A Seattle medical marijuana dispensary is rolling 12000 joints in preparation for the Super Bowl. Why isn't this happening in Toronto? Because Toronto does not have enough love for weed.

5. There aren't enough parks to chill at

There's nothing better than lying in the grass and smoking a j while enjoying the nature. This is a lot harder to do in Toronto than in other cities where parks are more plentiful. Get more green space T.O!

6. Smoking in public is a no-no

In many cities, there are areas where you can walk down the street with a joint in your hand, and no one bats an eye. There's few places in Toronto, outside of Kensington Market, where this is even possible.

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