Being an adult is hard.  But with social media, it's easy to fake being a successful grown-up.

The following are some simple ways to appear as if you have your life together, which is not to be confused with actually having your life together—because in reality, who actually does?

Photo via @christinagcheng

1. Post an Instagram photo of yourself at the Andy Warhol exhibit on Bloor.

The exhibition on 77 Bloor Street. W is on display until December 31, so hurry up and get your photo!  You'll look cultured AF.

"Nothing to see here, just looking at art and being candid. #inspired #typicalWednesday"

Photo via @thelittleyogini

2. Take a yoga class somewhere cool.

It’s one thing to take a yoga class, it’s another to take a yoga class at the ROM. It’ll show that you’re not only fit and ~spiritual~ but that you’re also cultured.

The ROM has occasional yoga classes held right in their galleries. The AGO also has classes every Monday, Thursday and Sunday and Evergreen Brick Works has hatha yoga every Wednesday and Sunday. If the weather is warm, you can find yogathon events almost anywhere around the city, including Dundas Square, the Distillery District and Cabana Pool Bar.

Photo via UberEATS

3. Order UberEATS Toronto.

Ordering food through UberEATS will show that you’re too busy accomplishing things to go out and get food. Also, you treat your body like a temple by eating healthier, more expensive, culturally diverse options.

McDonalds? No.    Momofuku Noodle Bar? Yes ✓

Photo via @myvegansuperpowers

4. Drink smoothies from Fresh instead of Starbucks.

Starbucks may be on every street corner but coffee is for weak people who can’t get their shi*t together without help from caffeine. Getting a smoothie from Fresh shows that you went out of your way to visit one of four locations for the sake of HEALTH.

Or just put green dye in whatever you’re drinking. As long as it’s green.

Photo via weheartit

5. Share an article about something Toronto-related on Facebook and write something angry about it.

You were definitely NOT watching cat videos all morning. Instead you read the news because you know what’s going on around you and you have an OPINION about it god damnit!

“New TTC subway expansion to be done by 2017? Pfffft, yeah WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT.”

Photo via Rebloggy

6. Partake in a terrarium workshop.

There's something about paying a ton of money to put cactuses in a jar that screams maturity.

If you're wanting to make your downtown apartment look Tumblr AF, you can sign up for terrarium workshops at Botany Floral Studio on College or Peter Paul's Flowers on the Danforth.

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