We know Torontonians can be pretty basic sometimes (#views), but we're definitely not ready to admit it. So get ready to defend your non-basic status and amp up your workout this summer. Instead of that classic mirror selfie at the gym (we know you're there, chill) head out for a run with these groups that answered the famous question; beer or gym? Their answer? Both.

1. Detox To Retox 

Summer and yoga just as well as summer and beer, so why not combine the two? That's what the (genius) creators of Detox To Retox did; monthly classes are held in breweries around the city followed by a one hour tasting. Need more convincing? The next one on June 4th is a booze cruise. Can I get a namaste?

2. RunTOBeer

Let's skip the bullshit: running is hard. After your done you always feel great, but sometimes we need a little more incentive- how about a beer at the end? Founded by @BrewScout and @CDNBeerRunner, they run every one or too weeks all around the city. The groups open to all levels of runners, it's free, and what's better than finishing at a craft brewery for one (or three) recovery drinks?

3. TapThatTO 

Even aspiring back up dancers like myself need a little practice sometimes. TapThatTO is a group that meet every month to do just that, but obviously craft beer makes it ten times better. Free membership, beer, tap dancing. I'll tap that.

4. Don Vivants 

These are for all the bikers out there who know that the only thing better than the ride, is the case of Amsterdam at the end of the ride. Every Tuesday and Thursday the group meets at 7pm at the Loblaws trailhead on Redway road for some amazing riding, beer and a side of edge and absurdity.

5. Hogtown Hash House Harriers 

Meet up with the Toronto Chapter off the Hogtown Hash House Harriers, "the international drinking club with a running problem". This group is based off the international tradition of using physical exercise to cure hangovers (before making a new one). Runners are called "Hashes" and get led around by the "Hares" (the only person who knows the 5-8 km route) to take in sights on and off the paths. If you want to drink, run then drink some more; this group is for you. There's a variety of times they meet, and the best way to join? Bring running shoes, money for beer and look for the people looking for an excuse for another brew.

6. The Beer Mile 

This is for all the lone wolfs out there who would rather rip out a world record then meet up with a group, but obviously still needs their beer. All you need to do, drink a beer, run a quarter mile and repeat 3 times. 4 beers, 1 mile; how fast can you run it? Log your results into beermile.com to be internationally ranked. Make it even better by grabbing some friends to see if you can beet Olympic track star Nick Symmonds 5:31 record. That's some high achieving boozing if you ask me.

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