You have your friends, and then you have your squad. Yes, there is a difference - every member of your squad has well-surpassed the mere classification of "friend". They're the closest to blood as non-relatives can possibly get.

Squads that do everything together, stay together. They can be as small as 3 people or run as deep as 20. Here are 7 specials for both small groups (5 people or less) and large groups (20 people or more), offered by some of Toronto's awesome businesses:

1. Kajama Boat Cruise // 235 Queens Quay W

I know the groundhog predicted that we'd be having 6 more months of winter, but who ever believed that rascal anyway? With spring approaching, your squad may want to consider going on a Kajama boat cruise! Beginning in May, the 165-foot-long schooner will be setting sail every weekend. Toronto Tallship Boat Cruises offers affordable individual deals ($26/adult), as well as group deals ($24/adult) for if your squad is planning a bigger event (20+ people). Enjoy drinks from their fully-licensed bar as you set sail into the sunset on Lake Ontario.

2. Escape Games // 11 Kodiak Cres

Escape room games have come a long way since their point-and-click days on the internet. One particular business in Downsview called Escape Games Canada has gotten great reviews from past visitors. They offer 6 unique game themes that require group sizes of 3 to 5 people at minimum and range in price from $22 to $28 per person. Work together with your squad to earn your freedom!

3. The Make Den // 1244 Bloor St. W

The best squads are always on point with their outfits. At The Make Den, you guys can skip on the Forever 21 clothes and sew your own! The studio offers private lessons ($90 per person) that your squad can avail of. You also have the choice of what type of project you and your friends would like to work on during your session. This activity is better suited for smaller groups (3 or more people).

Photo cred - cruztagram

4. Horseshoe Resort // 1101 Horseshoe Valley Rd W

If you and your friends are fans of the snow, then the Horseshoe Resort is for you! The resort offers Winter Day packages for social groups that involve activities such as Alpine skiing and snowboarding ($30/person for a group of 8), and cross-country skiing ($22/person for a group of 8). Immerse yourself in the wrath of the Great White North and book your visit today.

5. David Duncan House // 125 Moatfield Dr

When it comes to ambiance, the David Duncan House reigns supreme. This venue is set in a historic house built in 1865 that has been restored into an elegant restaurant. The menu items are pricey; so you and your friends might want to consider going here only on a really special occasion. They have group lunch and dinner options that you can choose from, and most menu items are priced at $35 and over.

6. Target Sports Gun Range // 14 Stalwart Industrial Dr

Is Call of Duty getting a little old? Take a break from the video games and try firing a gun in real life! Target Sports Canada in Stouffville has a gun range where you can practice your sharp shooting. A special flat rate of $800 is offered for a group of 8 people, and a charge of $100 is applied for every additional person. The offer includes multiple rounds with various guns, as well as safety instructions and gear.

7. The Chef Upstairs // 40 Eglinton Ave E

It's always more fun to try something new with your friends rather than by yourself. If you and your friends ever wanted to learn how to cook, you guys should check out The Chef Upstairs! You can design your own cooking class and choose from various themes including Italian, French, Indian, Seafood and more. They accommodate various group sizes; but for groups of 10 or more, the fee is $85/person plus HST and an 18% service fee.

There are so many more places in Toronto that offer great deals for groups. Know of any others? Leave a comment below to help out your fellow Torontonians!

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