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Your twenties will be one of the best periods of your life because you're still young and it's still socially acceptable to do immature things adults shouldn't do – our brains are still developing in our twenties.

Although you're still a youngin', it's important to think about the future and life goals you want for yourself. In twenty years, you'd rather be saying "I glad I did this" than "I wish I'd done this." A few of your desirable life goals may be unachievable, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

Doing something successful

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both found success in their twenties. Not all of us are Gates/Jobs types, so our versions of success are quite different. Your life goal should be to find success doing something you love and enjoy, because that's real success. Whether it's making kick ass lattes at that café on Dundas West or doing business-y stuff in the Financial District, success is different for everyone.

Being able to spend money comfortably

We all want to have disposable income in our future. Start budgeting, put money into savings, and stop using your credit card as disposable income. This will aid you in achieving this life goal ten years from now. Maybe someday you'll be able to go on shopping sprees in Yorkville.

Traveling everywhere

Toronto is a beautiful city and it will always be amazing to come home to it, but you do want to explore the world.

Finding "the one"/having kids?

Not everyone wants to get married, and not everyone wants to have children. Whether you're currently with the person you're planning on spending the rest of your life with, or you don't end up finding someone until you're a little older, it's completely okay. This is something you don't plan out, but it is something you should be prepared for. If getting married and having kids is something you want to do, don't settle down too late. If not, Toronto will always have an unlimited supply of gorgeous single people for you.

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Owning a big ass house in Forest Hill

Forest Hill is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Toronto, and Drake grew up there. Realistically, the majority of us will never be able to afford a $5 million dollar house, not even one worth half of that. But hey, doesn't hurt to have it on your list of life goals.

Having yourself figured out

In your twenties, it's okay to live in the moment (for the most part). Obviously, you don't have a clue what the deal will be with you and your career or you and the future love of your life. One of your life goals should be to know what you want in life and know who you want to be as a person. Toronto is a big city full of possibilities.

Being truly happy

Understand that you will not achieve all of your life goals. If you do, that's amazing for you. We set goals so we have something to strive for, whether we attain our desired end result or not. The most important life goal you should have as a twenty-something Torontonian is to be happy. Do things that keep you happy and surround yourself with happiness. You don't want to end up as a grumpy forty-something.

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