Remember back in the day when kids didn't have cellphones? There are many traditions Toronto kids all have, and some are still standing today. This one's for all you 80s and 90s babies.

You remember PJ Phil or Sugar & Carlos

Everyday after school, you watched The Zone on YTV with PJ Phil (for those of you who grew up in the 90s) or Sugar & Carlos (for those of you who were born in the 90s).

You went to the Ontario Science Centre every single year in elementary

And you were still amazed every single time.

Photo cred – niXerKG

You also remember going to Black Creek Pioneer Village and Medieval Times

And you remember churning your own butter at pioneer village.

You grew up reading R.L. Stine books

They terrified you, but you felt badass reading them, even if they gave you nightmares.

You spent your summers at Canada's Wonderland

You and your friends all bought season passes and spent almost every weekend here to make the most of your money. You remember when Time Warp was called Tomb Raider and when Flight Deck was called Topgun.

You remember checking OUAC every single day

Some people even went to the extreme of applying for more than 3 universities.

You went to Wasaga Beach for after prom

After prom, you and your friends went off to Wasaga and did funky things.

Photo cred – Steven Goetz Storytelling

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