Life is just one big smushed-up ball of stress. Whether you're a student facing the approaching dread of finals, or an overworked adult hustling hard to get the bills paid, the chaos of Toronto life can take quite the toll on you.

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It's important to take a moment here and there to put everything on pause and just relaxHere are 7 unique ways to do that in Toronto:

H2O Float Spa // 138 Danforth Ave

Flotation therapy / Sensory deprivation

Floating is as relaxing as it gets. Essentially, you'll be put in a float pod filled with water saturated with high-density Epsom salts that let your body float effortlessly. Since you won't need to apply any effort to float, you'll begin to lose track of all your senses, putting you in a state of total relaxation. You can choose to do your session in complete darkness and silence for complete sensory deprivation. 60-minute float sessions typically go for $69 at the H2O Float Spa, but they have promotion going on at the moment for $49 single floats.

Battle Sports // 26 Ashwarren Road

Rage Room

There's something about breaking things and making a huge mess that is so stress-relieving. The Rage Room is a room that is specifically designed for things to be destroyed in. At $20 per person (or $70 for couples), you'll be equipped with weapons and safety gear so you can smash all sorts of crap for 45 minutes. You can even choose to bring in your own items for $10 (but of course, the staff will decide whether your items are safe for the activity).

The House of Yoga // 714 Bloor St W

Ganja Yoga

Plain yoga by itself is relaxing, but what happens when you add marijuana? The House of Yoga holds Ganja yoga sessions, which involve taking a hit before a session of yoga to really put your body at ease. They offer a variety of different packages, 5 classes for $110, 10 classes for $190 and private classes for $100. If Ganja yoga isn't your fancy, The House of Yoga also offers Thai massages at affordable rates.

Gladstone Hotel // 1214 Queen St W

Adult Colouring Book Session

In recent months, adult colouring books have experienced a surge in popularity, and for good reason. Studies show that adult colouring books have a calming affect because it is a centering activity that relaxes the portion of our brain responsible for fear response. Gladstone Hotel holds adult colouring sessions on Thursdays and features $5 pints, $6 craft tallboys and live music.

Solana Saltcave // 302 Lakeshore Rd E (Oakville)

Salt Cave

Salt caves are therapeutic because the air inside of them contain several beneficial salts and minerals. As you breathe in the air, it travels through your respiratory tract and cleanses it of mucus and bacteria. The Solana Saltcave in Oakville has replicated the microclimate of a natural salt cave and is equipped with comfortable lounge chairs. Several activities, including yoga and thai massages, are also conducted within the cave. A standard session in the cave goes for about $35 per person.

RU Student Development & Counselling // 350 Victoria St

Puppy Rooms

This one is for all the animal lovers out there. Every year, Ryerson University teams up with a canine association (such as St. John's Ambulance) to bring therapy dogs to campus. Students have the opportunity to visit a particular room on campus where they can meet the dogs and pet them on their study breaks. More details on the puppy room program at Ryerson can be found on their website.

Miraj Hammam Spa // 188 University Ave


Hammam is a special kind of Turkish bath that is similar to a sauna. Traditionally, a hammam begins in a room that is heated by steam. After some time perspiring in the heat, the bather then takes a cool bath, receives a massage, and lastly returns to a cool room to relax. The Miraj Hammam Spa offers modern twists to the traditional hammam. While sessions may be pricey, the Spa does have some promotional deals you can check out here.

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