Although hiking is a whole lot of fun, sometimes we just want to try something different for a change.

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Luckily for Torontonians, there are several things to do in the city that offer the same fun and excitement as hiking. Here are 7 of them, in no particular order:

Bicycle Polo // 875 Dufferin St

Bicycle polo is the next best alternative to polo when you don't have access to horses. Riders use mallets to strike a small ball into the opposing team's goal. The Toronto Bike Polo Club often meets up for games at Dufferin Grove Park and welcomes beginners.

Underwater Hockey // 50 Gould St

Underwater hockey is a team sport that involves manoeuvering a puck along the bottom of a swimming pool towards the opposing team's goal using short sticks called pushers. Each player wears a pair of fins, a mask with a snorkel, and protective gloves and headgear. The Toronto Underwater Hockey Club meets often to play at the Ryerson pools.

Stand-up Paddleboarding // 1 Kenilworth Ave

Stand-up paddleboarding originated in Hawaii and is available at various waterfront locations in Toronto. It is more of a leisurely activity that involves standing upright on a board and propelling oneself forward using a single oar.

Slacklining // 790 Queen St W

Slacklining is the practice of walking on a webbing that is tied between two anchor points. This activity is not only good for improving balance, but also for correcting posture. The Toronto Slackline Club typically meets at Trinity Bellwoods Park or High Park for slacklining sessions.

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Quidditch // 27 King's College Circle

Quidditch is a competitive sport made popular by the Harry Potter series. The sport has become so popular that several colleges and universities worldwide have their own Quidditch teams! For those interested in joining a team in Toronto, check out the Quidditch Canada website.

Sticky Ball // 705 Progress Ave

Sticky ball is a game where players throw sticky balls at their opponents. The team with the least number of balls stuck to their bodies in total are the winners. BreakOut Team Adventures currently has a 50% off promotion for Sticky Ball as part of their beta testing. Sticky ball can also be played outdoors using velcro materials.

Flyboarding // Various Locations

Flyboarding is a water sport that involves standing on a board that is propelled into the air by two water jets. Flyboards can be rented at participating stores throughout the city and can be used at various beach locations.

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