One exciting thing about dating someone new, is learning about things you wouldn't have otherwise be exposed to. Perhaps you will become familiar with your significant other's culture, or maybe become a wine expert because your new boo knows their way around a cabernet.

Whatever the case, there's a great deal you can learn from each other. One specific example would be if your dating someone who's into art. Art is truly something that takes time to appreciate, but with the help of your s/o, we're sure you'll get your creativity flowing. For starters, try taking your art-loving lover to one of these spots:

1. Diaz Contemporary Art Gallery  // 100 Niagara St.

Contemporary art is often times the best type of art, because there really are no rules. This gallery opened up in 2005 and since then hosted many fun and unique exhibitions from Canadian and Mexican artists alike.

2. Paint Lounge //Several Locations

Sometimes the best way to get into art is to try it out yourself. There's no doubt you've already heard about Paint Lounge , but in case you haven't, it's basically a spot where you are supplied with everything you need to paint, while also socializing and having a great time.

3. AGO // 317 Dundas St. W.

The mothership of everything art here in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario has some outstanding permanent, as well as traveling exhibits. Nothing will show your artsy bae that you really care about their interests like inviting them to the new Pop Art Exhibition.

Photo cred - @monicaabadir

4. Art Battle //1087 Queen St West

Art Battle is a totally unique event that any art fan will enjoy. The premise, is that it takes local artists and puts them head-to-head in a competition to see who can produce the best work in 20 minutes. Attendees then walk around the 14 canvases and watch as the artists create their masterpieces. You then get to vote on your favourite!

5. Nuit Blanche // All over Toronto

Taking place October 1st, this all-night, free, contemporary art festival attracts thousands of people to roam the streets and see MASSIVE art installations all over the city. On from sunset to sunrise, this could be the most unique date you ever go on!

6. Spadina Museum // 285 Spadina Rd.

Travel back in time to the 1920s and 30s when visiting this adorable museum. This was once the home of the Austin family is now 1 of only 10 historical spots run by the city of Toronto.

7. Birch Contemporary Art Gallery  // 129 Tecumseth St.

On the outside it might look like an empty warehouse, but on the inside it is filled with beautiful art works from constantly changing artists. This type of art might make you scratch your head ( like the image above) but it will also get you thinking in new ways!

Photo cred- Ontario Place 

8. In/Future Arts Festival // Ontario Place

On September 15th - 25th, Ontario Place will be taken over by the work of 60 contemporary artists for the first ever In/Future Arts Festival. For more info and ticket sales, click here.

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