420. The holy grail of days for weed smokers, stoners and hippies alike. Whether you're looking to get baked out of your mind, or just eat an obscene amount of food and enjoy a free concert or two, there is a little something for everyone to do on 420 in T.O.

1. 420 Toronto 10 Year Canniversary Ft. DVBBS  // Yonge and Dundas

If you're looking to enjoy a festival filled with live bands, comedians, guest speakers and a gigantic cloud of marijuana smoke hovering over Yonge and Dundas square this event is definitely for you. Oh and Toronto's very own, DVBBS plays a free set from 4:20-6PM!

2. Vapor Central March to Yonge and Dundas // 220 Bloor St.W.

March with the "Hashmob" from Vapor Central to Dundas Square, 11:30 to Noon.

 3. Chill at a Park with Friends @ All Over Toronto

If you're not into the crowded Yonge and Dundas festival or the 420 bar events, keep it simple. Pack a blanket, some speakers, and some 420 amenities and relax in the spring sun.

 4. All You Can Eat Sushi @ Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant // 467 Queen St West

If you've got the munchies, try mowing down on some all you can eat sushi at Aji Sai on Queen West.

 5. Giveaway @ York Dispensary // 1478 Eglinton Avenue West

York Dispensary on Eglinton West is planning a day of giveaways, raffles and a special surprise for anyone who just happens to show up at 4:20.

6. Hot Box 420 Event @ Hotbox Cafe // 204 Augusta Ave

As a part of a fundraiser for the Cannabis Friendly Business Association, Hotbox Cafe is hosting a day full of live bands, and joint rolling, bong clearing & dab off competitions!

7. 420 Comedy Show @ Pine Point Banquet Hall // 15 Grierson Road

Opening at 4:20 pm, get ready for hilarious comedy routines 7 to 11 pm hosted by Lamar King, Nitish Sakhuja, DJ Sparka and Root Redemption.

8. 420 @ Cherry Cola's // 200 Bathurst Street

Live bands playing stoner, comedy and surf rock as well as "metal influnced instrumental jazz from the bowels of Hell!" Timeless entertainment.

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