Have no fear, Drake will soon be here. Drake and special guests will be performing in Toronto at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre today. With the 6th annual OVO Fest concert drawing close, many of you die-hard fans will be preparing for the festivities. Even Councillor Norm Kelly will be in attendance, after being personally invited by Drake himself! Buzz around this particular OVO concert has been at an all time high.

Not only is everyone expecting Drake to do something big in celebration of this being his 6th OVO Fest concert (we are in the 6 after all) but also because of the recent feud between Drake, Meek Mill and Norm Kelly. If you are scrambling around trying to get ready for this highly anticipated concert, here are a few things you should not forget.

1. Pre drinking like theres a message in the bottle

Do not get too intoxicated before heading to the show. First of all you, you could miss the whole show because you are either too drunk to remember OR you are such a mess that security throws you out. Take your time, sip slow and sit back while you soak in Drake and his soothing voice! 

2. Find the perfect outfit to wear

In case you are blessed with the opportunity to run into Drake, make sure that you select the BEST outfit for this event. Even if you don't happen to bump into Drake and his entourage, there will be over 40,000 other Torontonians in attendance, do not be the person to get caught underdressed and underprepared.

3. Hair did, nails did, EVERYTHING DID

Ladies, while you are selecting your sexiest attire for OVO Fest, why don't you also treat yourself to a mani, pedi and a blowout. IF not for Drake, do it for yourself (you know you were going to do this anyway). Who knows who you may meet, BAE could be inside waiting for you!

4. Don't head to the concert with thoughts of your EX

If you are currently going through a breakup, leave your ex at the door. Yes, Drake can be known as a trigger when it comes to love, exes and drunk dialing but that does not mean that you need to spoil your time at OVO Fest with thoughts of someone in your past. Focus on Drake, your company and surroundings. There will be enough hotties in attendance to obsess over anyway.

5. Energy, make sure you have a lot of it

This is a very exciting long weekend to be in Toronto, With Caribana, Veld, various club events and OVO Fest, you may be one of most Torontonians that will be attending more than one event. Remember to drink lots of water and red bull to stay hydrated and energized. And NO, drinking alcohol does not count as hydration! The last thing you want is to show up to OVO Fest and pass out because you didn't take care of yourself in this gorgeous summer heat. Drake always has lots of energy and that is why you should too!

6. Consider calling an UBER, you got somewhere to be

If a taxi is too much to splurge on this weekend, try carpooling with friends (one of you must be a designated driver if you choose the latter option) IF all else fails take an UBER. It is the safest way to get to and from an event without having to take public transit. You can recite Drake lyrics to your UBER driver while enjoying the low fare.

7. Better Late than never but never late is better

With all you are doing to prepare for the show, it would be considered a waste if you missed out on any of it! Try to prioritize your time and leave home as early as possible to account for entrance time, finding your seats and ordering a few drinks.

8. Don't forget your woes

With all the excitement you are experiencing on the eve of OVO Fest, don't forget to gather up your woes! Imagine how devastated your friends would be if you are no longer answering their calls and thus, as a result forgot them at home while you partied the night away with Drake and his special guests.

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